What is CEA-2006 Compliant? is an essential question for electronics consumers. Consumer Electronic Association (CEA) is the organization whose job is to be the voice of the consumer in the electronics industry. This blog provides a short information about the CEA


CEA-2006 compliant: “C” means that the manufacturer has declared this model as complying with certain technical standards and requirements set out by CEA (Consumer Electronics Association). Manufacturers must use the CEA-2006 logo on any product which meets or exceeds these standards. These standards cover power ratings, signal to noise ratio, harmonic distortion and other parameters related to amplifier performance.

These criteria are defined by CEA – an industry association whose mission is to improve communications between manufacturers and consumers; provide essential expertise regarding new technologies; assist members in creating innovative products and packaging; and help maintain freedom of choice for consumers.

Additionally, smaller manufacturers may choose to self-certify their equipment. This allows them to market it as “CEA-2006 compliant,” but they are not required to go through the certification process. [In response to a question about CEA compliance]

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