We often get asked questions about how to fix Bluetooth static in a car. Today we will show you a step by step guide to fix static with Bluetooth headphones in your car so that you can enjoy your music again.

Fixing the Bluetooth static is something most people experience at least once during their lifetime.


There are many reasons that one can experience static in their car, and if it’s not addressed properly, it can become a significant safety hazard. Static discharges from electronics and wires can be extremely dangerous, and are best handled by a trained technician.

Here’s how to identify the source of the problem, remove the cause, and prevent it from happening again.

The first thing you need to do is take these steps with your audio device.

  • Other devices interference

Sometimes when you use your phone with Bluetooth, another device opens and tries to connect with your car stereo. The car speakers produce static noise when there is an interference.

  • Turn the device off and on again

There is a chance of a happy software glitch if you turn off and on your device at the same time. The device will restart and come in its default position when you turn off your device.

  • Turn your car’s Bluetooth off and on again

If your car stereo comes on its revert mode and the Bluetooth static problem fixes itself, it may be possible to turn off and on again your car’s Bluetooth.

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  • Your device doesn’t get too far away from it

Sony says it’s 30 feet, which is 10 meters, but every device has a different range. The reason your devices can’t accept each other’s signals is that they have less range.

  • Check for device updates

The old device version may cause static, but it doesn’t mean that the devices won’t connect. The old version of the device doesn’t offer the quality and clear sound that some devices do.

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  • Low device battery

Like, For mobile screen brightness, flash, etc, when we have a low battery these functions will not work. Similarly, when your device has a low battery, the Bluetooth signals will be weak and there will produce a static sound which can sometimes affect Bluetooth sound quality.

  • Turning off airplane mode

The mobile network signals may also cause static. When your cell phone is near any speaker, you have felt the sound of speaker effect and produce noise.

In the same way when Bluetooth is connected to car stereo, any activity with the network may cause static. So try to keep off your airplane mode; it will help to fix Bluetooth static.

  • Damage speakers

If you’ve tried all of the above, you should try another speaker to see if the problem still persists. There is a possibility of a technical fault in the speakers if they do not work on high or shallow volumes.

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Some more cases:

Listen to the sound system from other audio sources

Play music on radio, cd player and connect device with aux cord. If you feel no difference, you should consult with the car electronics professional mechanics.

But if you have felt the difference then there is definitely a technical fault in the Bluetooth device of phone or car stereo. This is very simple to fix, just use another phone and connect it with car stereo; this will confirm if there is any issue with your 1st phone.

If you have not found any difference with the 2nd device then the technical fault is in the car stereo.

For more info you can get help by this video:


The Bluetooth connection between your phone and the stereo in your car seems to have died. Or worse, your phone won’t pair with your car’s stereo at all. You’re stuck without a radio in the car or with a stereo that only plays music via your phone. Fortunately, there’s a relatively simple fix.

The first thing you need to do is to locate the correct connector. To find the connector, pull the radio out completely. You should identify a round, black connector just above where the speaker goes into the dashboard.

You’ll need to remove the plastic trim around the head unit if you can’t find it. Pull the trim off of the dash. Locate the black connector. Pull the trim off of the connector until you see the ground wire. You need to work with only part of the wire.

1. The Fix: You’ve probably used Bluetooth technology in your car before. You might have connected your phone to your car radio so that you can make calls hands-free or listen to music while driving.

You likely paired the device by using the “pair” option, which usually involves two steps. First, you enter a PIN into your phone that is stored in your Bluetooth settings. Then, you press the “pair” button on the Bluetooth device and then press the “accept” button on your car radio.

If you do it in the other order, you’ll likely get static from your Bluetooth connection and have to unplug and reconnect the phone to the car radio.

The fix: If your car is equipped with Bluetooth technology, try pairing your device manually instead of relying on the automatic “pairing” feature.

For example, your phone’s Bluetooth connection will show a number like “00:00:00:05,” which will indicate the number of seconds remaining until it can connect with the car radio.

In this case, you would press the “pair” button on your phone, then the “accept” button on the radio, and finally wait for the number to reach 00:00:00:00. In most cases, this will allow your phone to connect to the radio without going through the manual pairing process.

2. How to use the above fix: If your car is not equipped with Bluetooth, you can still use this tip. To do this, follow the instructions above for connecting your phone to the radio.

Once you’ve successfully paired your phone with the car radio, you can try a trick to eliminate static from your Bluetooth connections. Simply close your eyes and listen to your Bluetooth connection. You will notice the static gradually dissipate once you stop concentrating on the static.


How do I get rid of static in my car audio?

This is not a problem specific to the vehicle but a common problem in general. The answer is to use a good quality speaker wire.

Cheap speaker wires are susceptible to noise from nearby devices and will be transferred through to your speakers. You can test the quality of your wire by using a speaker test program.

Many new cars come with these. Soon after installation, you will notice that the static is gone. You may need to replace your speaker wire if you have an older car. It is not expensive.

Why does my Bluetooth have static noise?

There’s usually a reason why the inside of the auxiliary port is dirty and oxidized, affecting the quality of your headphone’s audio.

The easiest way to solve the problem is to clean the auxiliary port until the dirt and static noise are gone.

What causes static in car audio?

The noise of the antenna can cause static on the radio. You need to check to see if you’re getting noise from all the sources.

If you only hear the noise on the radio, it’s most likely coming through your antenna lead. The antenna shouldn’t be plugged in.


So, we have covered here the topic of how to fix Bluetooth static in a car, including all possible reasons and their easy solutions. You do not need to hire a professional mechanic if you follow our expert’s instructions.

We hope this will help you resolve this irritating issue while traveling with your beloved relations. Please share this article with your friends to resolve their issues. Maybe they are facing this issue in their daily life.

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