Car amplifiers are extremely important pieces of equipment for car audio enthusiasts. Amplifiers allow you to increase the power of your sound system, giving it more volume and clarity than before. It is crucial that you choose an amplifier with enough power for your needs, but not too much as this can damage speakers and decrease performance.

Want to drive around and listen to music with good sound quality, but don’t want to spend a lot of money? If so, you should consider getting the best cheap car amplifier. To help you make your decision we have compiled a list of the best cheap car amplifiers reviews on the online market.
Reviews show that these amplifiers offer great value for money, while still delivering high quality results!


Autotek TA2050.2


  • 2 Channel
  • Class A/B
  • 2000 Watt
  • Marine Grade Protection
  • Tone Control

Genius Audio GFX-75X4


  • 1800 Watts
  • Class AB
  • 2-Ohm Stable
  • Power Protection System

BOSS Audio Systems PV3700


  • 5 Channel
  • Phantom Series
  • 3700 Watts
  • Class A-B
  • Remote Subwoofer Control


A car amplifier is an electronic amplifier used to increase the power of a sound signal generated by a radio, CD player or mp3 player. These amplifiers are designed for use in cars because they are built to withstand vibrations and produce louder sounds without distortion that could be caused by bumpy roads.


Amplification is the process of increasing the strength of an electrical signal. The amount of power obtained from an amplifier is measured in watts. If additional speakers are connected to the amplifier, each speaker will receive the same amount of power allowing for a more uniform sound throughout the car.


An amplifier works by taking a low voltage current supplied by the player and increasing its strength so that it can drive speakers which require much more power than the original voltage supplied by the player.

For example, if there is an audio signal of 1 Volt traveling through a wire which has resistance, it will only create 0.77 Volts across the wire after traveling through it for one meter (1V/0.77 = 1.3m).

This means that the speaker connected to this line will have to have an impedance of 1.3 ohms if it is powered by a voltage supply of 1V because the 0.77V now created across the speaker will not be enough to drive it properly.

A car amplifier performs this same function but does so much more effectively. It has large power supplies that are capable of delivering high current, usually up to several hundred amperes.

It also has a large transformer which is used to step up the voltage from the incoming supply and deliver it with high current across the speaker line. This allows for loud sounds at low impedances without causing too much power loss over distance as compared to smaller amplifiers built into player units.


Car amplifiers allow you to hear your audio more clearly and loudly than ever before. Whether you enjoy listening to the music on your mp3 player while driving, or if you need an amplifier for a sound system in a large commercial space, there are many different options to choose from when purchasing amplifiers.

Buying a car amplifier that suits your needs and preferences is an important decision, which is why we here at Focalprice provide you with the widest and most comprehensive selection of car amplifiers to help you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.


Before you buy the best cheap amplifier for car, it’s important to do your research. We’re here to help you get started. Check out our guide below for factors that are commonly considered before buying any sort of amplifier.


The first thing you’ll need to do before buying an amplifier is to find out what you’ll need the amp for.

While it isn’t necessary to get a larger amp if you’re not using all of its channels, you should consider whether your speakers can handle certain wattages. If they can, then that’s fine – but if they can’t, it may be wise to look into a separate amplifier.


You’ll need to consider how much room you have in your car for an amplifier. In-car amplifiers are usually very compact, but some high-powered amps can be pretty big – so make sure there’s enough space before starting to look at amps!

If you do decide which amp you want, you can always find out how much space it takes up in your car with the help of our handy guide.


Car amplifiers are available in mono, 2-channel, and 4-channel options. You’ll need to decide what kind you need before looking at specific amps.

Mono and 2 and 4 channel options are primarily divided by where the speakers will be wired up – we’re talking about the number of channels. Mono amps have one set of speaker outlets for all the channels, while dual-channel amps typically have two sets of identical outputs.

4-channel amps (powered by 4 channels) and 5 and 6-channel amps (with five or six separate outputs) can also be found – but we won’t explain them here.


Amplifiers will often come with different impedances, at which their rated power is applied. Impedance is measured in ohms, and generally, speakers with higher ohm values will be better suited to high power output from an amplifier – even if it’s unreliable.

Ohm ratings typically vary between 2 and 8ohms, so this factor may also affect your decision in speaker choice.


An amplifier won’t do you a lot of good if you can’t plug it into your car’s electrical system. To make sure that your amplifier is compatible with your vehicle, check where on the bodywork the fuse box and battery are – as well as the kind of wiring harness you need.


If you’re planning on doing your own amplifier install check out this guide to ensure that you wire everything up properly. This is vital because an incorrectly installed amp can result in broken equipment – and sometimes even fires!

If you’re not confident with wiring up your amp, it may be wise to hire a professional to wire it for you.


Depending on what car audio application you have in mind, the wattage of the amplifier will vary. Some amps are rated at 40 watts RMS per channel – while others are around 100 watts RMS per channel.

If you’re just looking for a basic system to play at low levels, or perhaps use one amp with your car’s head unit, an amplifier that gives 40 watts RMS will be enough. However, if you want to blast volume while driving – you’ll need the higher wattage amps.


Amplifiers usually have a specific range of systems which they will work with. Make sure to check what your head unit’s system is – and if you’ll need an adapter cable to fit it properly.


If you’re looking at purchasing an amplifier, the number of speakers in your car will affect which kind of amp you end up buying. For example, if you have 4 speakers in your vehicle (2 fronts and 2 rears), buying a mono (single channel) amp will be enough to provide adequate power for them all.

If you’ve got 6 or more speakers in your car, however, you’ll likely need a 2 channel amp – otherwise, the sound won’t be equal across all the speakers. The number of speakers is also important for wiring up an amplifier correctly – so make sure to check this before buying!


If you’re planning on installing an amp in your dash, you’ll need to make sure that it can handle high temperatures. We’re not just talking about the summer – if there’s no ventilation into or out of your car, it will become hot even during winter.

Some amps come with a thermally controlled fan system to keep the internal components cool even in high temperatures, without making too much noise.


Amplifiers will typically come with protection features that stop them from being overloaded by your speakers – but it’s always good to check before buying.

For instance, if your amp is rated at 50 watts RMS, it won’t last long if you crank the volume so high that it’s giving out 500 watts RMS. This will damage your amp and could potentially cause a fire!


All the best amps on the market will usually come with an LED light to indicate that your equipment is receiving power. This comes in especially useful while driving at night – so you can see when your amp turns on or off while still focusing on the road!

The LED indicators also show voltage short-circuit or impedance mismatch, so it can be a good indicator of the health of your amplifier.


1. Best cheapest car amplifier – Pioneer GM-A3702 2-Channel Bridgeable

2. Best budget 1000 watt amp – Planet Audio AC1000.2 2 Channel

3. Best budget car subwoofer amplifier – Autotek TA2050.2 TA Series 2 Channel

4. Best 4-channel amp under $100 – BOSS Audio Systems R1100M Riot Series

5. Best budget car amplifier 4-channel – BOSS Audio Systems MC900B 4 Channel Weatherproof

6. Best car amplifier for sound quality – Alpine Electronics BBX-F1200 4 Channel

7. Best Cheap Multichannel Car Amplifier – Genius Audio GFX-75X4 Full Range Powered

8. Best cheap Mono Car Amplifier – KICKER CX400.1 400 Watt Class D Mono

9. Best affordable Car Amplifier – Alpine MRV-F300 4-Channel

10. Best car amp under $300 – BOSS Audio Systems PV3700 5 Channel

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1. BESPioneer’s GM-A3702 2-Channel Car Amplifier is a great choice for any audiophile. It has 500 watts of max power and can be both bridged or used as a single channel amp.

This model features automatic signal sensing and turn on, which means that it will work with your car’s electrical system without the need to manually switch it on when you start your car engine.

The Pioneer GM-A3702 also has Hi-Volt input level control, a balanced isolator input circuit, and an LED indicator light that lets you know if there is a problem with either the amplifier or speaker connections. If you’re looking for a quality amplifier at a reasonable price, this one may be perfect for you.


  • Simple to wire and use,
  • Low and high inputs,
  • Gain control and low-Pass witch
  • Compact
  • Great power for the price
  • Automatic turn on is useful


  • A little heavy
  • No preamp outputs included, only speaker level inputs

Sample Customer Review:

“Like many other amps, it has a super small tendency to have background noise. But I’m talking small, engine running and you need to listen for it and intermittently happens. Truly not amazing for the price and overwhelming quality of sound and power it helps project through my speakers.

Highly recommended and also works great if you only want to run a subwoofer as it has a bypass switch. Manage to also use OEM amp wiring with no issues or clipping.”


Planet Audio AC1000.2 2 Channel Car Amplifier is one of the most popular models created by Planet Audio, a company that specializes in car audio amplifiers. This unit has been designed with many features to provide you with an amazing experience on the road!

This amplifier has a MOSFET power supply and provides 1000 watts of maximum power, which is ideal for any type of speaker setup you have in mind. It features high-level inputs as well as low level ones so that connecting to the amp will be extremely simple.

You also get variable crossover control so that you can decide how low or high the frequency will be before it gets to your speakers, as well as a variable bass boost control that allows for better sound quality.

This unit has an amazing design with blue LED lighting on its faceplate so you can have great looking equipment in your car at all times! It measures just under nine inches in depth so it won’t take up too much space.

The Planet Audio AC1000.2 2 Channel Car Amplifier is one of the best amplifiers on the market because it provides you with maximum power and quality sound in a small, simple package! If you are looking for an amp to handle all types of speaker setups this might be the perfect one for you!


  • Short Protection
  • Bridgeable for maximum sound quality
  • 1000 Watts @2-Ohms Max Power
  • Switchable Input Sensitivity


  • Requires little bit big space due to its size

Sample Customer Review:

“Love this amp! Got this after returning a powered sub that didn’t fit under my seat. Produces a lot more bass than the powered sub. If I happen to get another sub, I will be getting another one of these.”


When it comes to choosing the best car audio amplifier, there are many different factors that you need to take into consideration. You want something that can deliver high quality sound and has enough power for your car’s speakers. The Autotek TA2050.2 is a great choice if these two criteria are what you’re looking for!

A feature to benefit about the class A/B of car amplifiers is that they are generally smaller. They also provide more power per watt, which makes them very efficient and cost-effective for most users. Many people choose this type because it has better sound quality with the cleanest power output.

Its 2000 watt RMS power can deliver enough sound for all types of cars, including trucks and SUVs. It has a built in bass boost that will help the speakers reproduce low frequencies more accurately.

You won’t have to worry about your equipment overheating because this amplifier comes with marine grade protection components! This makes it perfect if you like to take your car to the beach.

The Pro-Fi MOSFET components are designed with high speed and low impedance so you can be sure that this amplifier will deliver nothing but top performance! It is extremely easy to install as well, which makes it great for everyone who doesn’t want an overly complicated setup process. To help fine tune your sound, this amplifier comes with bass and treble control knob.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to install and use
  • Offers high quality power output for cars, trucks, and SUVs


  • Sometimes a little bit of overheat issue appears

Sample Customer Review:

“Don’t know if the RMS is true for this amp because I don’t have a way to check it. I can say that I have it on 2 Planet Audio Torque 10’s listed as 1200w and 600w RMS in a myself built box(sealed) that is 1 cubic foot per speaker inside. I’m also using a HP 460w server power supply to run it and on full crossover with the gain at about 80% I feel like the cones are going to tear loose on the subs.

I built this box to use at work in a hot environment and it does get pretty hot after a few hours of running under this load but has not shut off yet. Have only used for a week and so far it’s great and will edit review if I have any problems with it.”


The BOSS Audio Systems R1100M Riot Series Car Audio Subwoofer Amplifier is the perfect amplifier to power your subwoofers. It’s equipped with 1100 watts of high output, monoblock, class A/B, 2/4 Ohm stable power that will give your music the bass it deserves.

It also features low and high level inputs so you can hook up any system easily! You won’t find another amplifier like it on the market today. It’s not simply a fantastic product but also an unforgettable experience that you can have every day of your life.

Experience deep bass with this powerful subwoofer amp! With its 1100 watts of power and low pass crossover control, this amp gives you total control over how much bass hits your ears at once – no matter what kind of speakers or subwoofers are in use. If you want to hear all those lows loud and clear without blowing out your eardrums then this is the right choice for you!


MOSFET – The output transistors are MOSFETs. They have a very low input current and can handle much higher power than bipolar transistors.

LOW-PASS CROSSOVER – A crossover is an electronic filter that blocks or allows frequencies above or below a set frequency to pass through the amplifier to the speaker system.

This keeps the amplifier from having to reproduce those frequencies, which would waste power and could cause damage to the speakers.

SWITCHABLE BASS BOOST – Bass boost gives you more control over your bass sound by allowing you to boost it at will. It’s not for increasing volume, but rather for adding more of a punchy kick in your music when needed.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Can be controlled by remote
  • Inexpensive for what you are getting


  • The remote control does not have a good range

Sample Customer Review:

“Easy install and drives the 10” Rockford Fosgate in my truck good enough. The bass boost is a toggle switch from +0db or +18db. It would be nice if there was a range or another step or two. As it is, I think it sounds better off. The bass control knob is not very sturdy, but it works ok. Regardless, for less than $60, I’m happy with this amp."


The BOSS Audio Systems MC900B 4 Channel Weatherproof Amplifier is the perfect solution to your audio needs. It’s easy to install and will give you an amazing sound quality that will make your ride feel like a dream!

You can even control it with Bluetooth from your phone, so there are no wires or complicated installations. This amplifier has everything you need in one compact package.

With 500 watts of power, this amp is great for all types of music and speakers. It’s also weather resistant so it can be used outside without worrying about damage from rain or snow!

If you want an amplifier that does it all, then look no further than the BOSS Audio Systems MC900B 4 Channel Weatherproof Amplifier. We have them available right now on our website at a great price too! Act fast before they sell out!


BLUETOOTH MULTI-FUNCTION REMOTE – The included Bluetooth remote control lets you stream your music via your Bluetooth device and use apps like Spotify and Pandora.

FULL RANGE – This amplifier is a full range Class AB amplifier that will drive both speakers and subwoofers. It has 4 channels, each with its own gain control.

AUXILIARY INPUT – You can connect any audio source to the auxiliary input of this amp using either RCA or 3.5mm cables (not included).

USB CHARGING PORT – Charge your mobile devices while driving by connecting them to the USB charging port on this amp. It’s always better to be prepared for anything!

4-8 Ohm Stable – This amplifier is stable with 4, 6 or 8 ohm speakers.

CLASS AB – This amp has a Class AB design for maximum efficiency and power output. It’s perfect for all types of music!

500 Watts Max Power Output – This powerful amp provides 500 watts of clean RMS power at 2-ohms, which equals 250 watts per channel.

Metal Heat Sink – This amp has a durable, metal heat sink to keep it running cool for maximum efficiency and power output.

Preamp RCA Outputs – The preamp RCA outputs on this amplifier allow you to connect multiple amps together for more power.

Remote Bass Control Ready – This amplifier comes with input so you can connect it to the remote bass control feature of your vehicle’s factory radio system.


  • Quite compact
  • Bluetooth is strong
  • Super easy to install, thanks to the plug-and-play RCA connectors on the amp
  • Control it with Bluetooth from your phone or another Bluetooth enabled device


  • It is a little louder … But good value for the money

Sample Customer Review:

“I wasn’t sure how this would perform by some of the reviews but since installing this amp in a boat and using it to power 2 pairs of BOSS MRWT40s. It does well. Your expectations should be within reason. This does do exactly what we asked of it. Plenty loud with 4 speakers attached while out on the water.

I do stress that you will not be winning competitions but it’s nice. Bluetooth connects and works flawlessly. This thing has a tiny footprint so if you’re tight on space this will work.”


The Alpine Electronics BBX-F1200 4 Channel Amplifier is the perfect device to add more power and sound quality to your car. It’s packed with features that make everyday life easier, more entertaining and more productive.

You can use it to play music from any source in your car – whether it’s an iPhone or Android phone, a USB drive, satellite radio or even Bluetooth audio streaming. And now it comes in two sizes – so there’s an amplifier for everyone!

With this amp, you can enjoy high-quality sound without having to worry about distortion or clipping because of its built-in crossovers. It also has a bass boost feature which allows you to adjust the number of low frequencies sent through the speakers according to your preferences. This device will change how you listen to music forever!


600W Max Power – The Alpine BBX-F1200 is the perfect amplifier for adding power to your speakers. This 4-channel amp has a max power output of 600 watts and includes bass EQ controls.

Bass EQ – This amp features bass boost controls that allow you to fine tune your sound. You can also bridge the channels together for an even more powerful setup.

Bridge to a 2 channel out – The BBX-F1200 can be configured to output audio from all of its channels through the front and rear, or you can bridge it for big time power.

Digital Crossover Network – The included digital crossover makes sure that only the frequencies you want make their way to your speakers, ensuring that no power is wasted.


  • Great power output for the price
  • Decent sound quality
  • Good bass boost control
  • Lots of features included


  • No Bluetooth connectivity

Sample Customer Review:

“If you’re looking at this and it’s available (for $140) buy it! It’s class A-B so it has a more natural sound than digital amps. 50×4 seems to be a conservative rating as this powers my components and a 12” sub with ease. Gets HOT when pushed. Clean, clean, clean sound when used properly. This price is unbelievable. Considering buying another just to have…"


The Genius Audio GFX-75X4 is the perfect solution to your audio needs. It’s a full range powered, 1800 watt max, class AB 2-ohm stable power amplifier that can be used with any type of speaker system.

This amp has been designed to boost speaker and woofer performance while protecting your speakers from damage due to high volume levels or short circuits.

With this powerful amp, you can take advantage of all the benefits that come with owning an aftermarket sound system in your vehicle without having to worry about damaging anything along the way.

If you want more out of your music experience than what factory systems have to offer, then this is definitely something worth considering!


HIGH & LOW-PASS CROSSOVER – The crossover is the frequency at which the bass reproduction of subwoofers begins. This allows for a more precise sound reproduction, as well as reduces distortion.

INPUT SENSITIVITY – When the amplifier receives an input signal above its sensitivity level, it will produce sound output. If you have a low sensitivity system, it may not be able to reproduce sounds with high frequencies. This can result in poor quality audio output.

SIGNAL/NOISE RATIO – The signal to noise ratio is used to determine how much unwanted background noise is present in your system’s output compared to the actual music or other desired sound being reproduced. A higher number indicates less unwanted background noise.

LOW INPUT IMPEDANCE – When the amplifier is given an input signal that contains low impedance, it will reproduce sound output at a higher quality level.


  • Creates very little noise
  • Very easy to install
  • Works as expected and produces clean sound output
  • The price is extremely affordable for the quality of the product you’re receiving


  • The amplifier is a bit on the bulky side

Sample Customer Review:

“Great amp gives you lots of power with no distortion nice amp for the price sound great to love it”


Kicker CX400.1 Mono Amplifier is the perfect amplifier for any car audio speaker setup. It’s a 400 watt, class D mono amplifier that will give you more power than ever before! This amp features variable 12 dB crossovers so you can control the dial to optimize your sound and 24 dB subsonic protects the speaker from any potentially damaging frequencies.

The Kicker’s EQ 6 dB bass boost gives you an extra kick in low frequencies when needed so everything sounds great no matter what music or movies are playing through your speakers. With all of these awesome features, there isn’t a better time than now to purchase this product!


FULL-RANGE OUTPUTS – Kicker’s CX400.1 Mono Amplifier is a Class D amplifier that delivers 400 watts RMS to the subwoofer and 200 watts RMS to each of your fronts and rear speakers.

AMPLIFIERS ACCEPT UP TO 40 VOLTS – The CX400.1 has an adjustable high-level input so you can connect it to an OEM system or aftermarket receiver with no modifications needed.

AUTO SHUT OFF – This amp will automatically shut off if there is a short circuit, over temperature, or if the battery voltage drops below 10 volts for more than one second. It also has a remote turn on the wire for easy installation..

INPUT SENSITIVITY CONTROL – Gain can be set by connecting the supplied RCA cables from your receiver’s output to the CX400.1 ’s inputs and then adjusting the input sensitivity control on the amplifier. With a setting of 0 dB, you will get maximum volume without distortion. If you turn it up to +6 dB, you will get a little more power for driving lower impedance speakers.

For installation, use 8AWG wire to avoid heating and blown fuses! Highly recommended!


  • Best bang for the buck, Clean sound
  • Remote turn-on wire
  • Beautiful Compact design
  • It’s simple to conceal and fits under the rear seat
  • It’s quite simple to install, and it performs beautifully


  • The knob is not included

Sample Customer Review:

“Very powerful amplifier for the money, and a solid brand to purchase. This amp is mono so it combines left and right signals passed into it; the subwoofer low-pass filter that’s built-in works well; the bass boost control is a nice feature, and there’s plenty of gain to match your installation requirements. The amplifier effortlessly pushes a 2-ohm load to its 400W RMS rating and a bit more while getting only slightly warm to the touch.”


The Alpine MRV-F300 is a 4 channel amplifier that has 50 watts RMS x 4. It also features an auto-sensing remote and the Evolution To Class D Digital Platform. This amp will give you better sound quality in a smaller chassis, so it’s perfect for any vehicle!

You can enjoy more power with less weight, thanks to our new digital platform. We’ve designed this amplifier with high efficiency and low heat dissipation, so it runs cooler than ever before.

And now we’ve made installation easier too – just plug in the included wiring harnesses and you’re ready to go! With all these great features packed into one compact design, there has never been a better time to upgrade your car’s audio system.


DIGITAL AMPLIFIER – Alpine’s MRV-F300 is a 2 channel amplifier that can be used for powering up to 4 speakers. The amp has plenty of power and will ensure that your music sounds great no matter what you’re listening to.

OVERHEAT PROTECTION MODE – If the amp gets too hot, it will automatically go into protection mode so you don’t have to worry about damaging it. This feature also helps extend the life of the amplifier.

POWER ON/OFF CONTROL – A remote wire is included for powering the amp on and off. This allows you to turn it on and off whenever you want with no effort at all. It’s a convenient way to make things even easier when listening to music!

AUTO-SENSING REMOTE – The amplifier has an onboard remote control for more convenience. This amplifier has an auto sensing remote, which means you can connect everything up and the amp will automatically turn itself on when it detects audio playing on your radio.

EASY INSTALLATION – The MRV-F300 is designed with plug & play wiring harnesses to make installation quick and easy. There are also speaker level inputs included if you want to connect the amplifier directly to your car radio & another awesome feature is the 12dB/octave low pass crossover.

Control for high and low level inputs – these allow you to connect the amp directly to your head unit or directly to speakers that have a built in crossover for more control over how they run.


  • Sounds are bright and clear
  • Impressive sound quality
  • Affordable and compact amplifier


  • It is not rated to be stable at 1-ohm
  • No RCA outputs

Sample Customer Review:

“Great amp for door speakers

I am pushing 4 6×8 type r and they sound outstanding. Like most name-brand amps, this was rated at 103 watts per channel at 2ohms. I was happy because while 50 is fine I did consider a higher amp to get closer to the 100 mark. I have the m500 for the sub and again glad I went with 2 separate amps instead of combined. Clean power = quality music.”


The PV3700 is a 5-channel amplifier that can be used in the front, rear, or subwoofer of a vehicle. It has 3700 watts of peak power with 1400 watts RMS for each channel. This amp also features full range Class A/B amplification which provides great sound quality at any volume level.

It comes with remote subwoofer control so you can adjust the bass from anywhere in your vehicle. And it’s bridgeable so you can use this amp as a 4-channel or 2-channel depending on what works best for your system!

With all these features, plus multi LED backlit illumination and Mosfet Power Supply technology, there isn’t anything else out there quite like it!


CUSTOMIZE THE SOUND – Customize the sound with Low and High Pass Crossover, Bass Boost and Remote Subwoofer Control. Bridge channels for more power and flexibility.

EYE-CATCHING BACKLIT ILLUMINATION – The Phantom Series are full featured amplifiers that offer eye catching Multi LED Backlit Illumination and customization for high quality sound and performance.

EXCEPTIONAL SOUND QUALITY – The PV3700 is a 5-channel amplifier that can be used in the front, rear or subwoofer. It has 3700 watts peak power with 1400 watts RMS per channel. This amp will provide exceptional sound quality at any volume level.

BUILT TO LAST – The Phantom Series is built to last with Aluminum Heatsink, Soft Start Turn-On Circuitry, and a Mosfet Power Supply.


  • Very powerful, can handle just about anything that you throw at it
  • Incredible sound quality at any volume level
  • This amp does a fantastic job of getting the most out of your speakers without sacrificing too much clarity or bass


  • A little bulky, but it fits nicely in the back of your trunk

Sample Customer Review:

“Love the amp! I’ve never used a 5 channel amp. It’s nice to have full stereo and be able to adjust front to rear and side to side, since I didn’t have to bridge it. It’s rather large, about twice the size of the alpine I had.

The only problem I have with it is there are two rows of led lights that backlight the top of the amp that are pretty bright. I had to mount it on my sub box because of the size and the lights glared off of the back windows at night.

I couldn’t see out with my rear view mirror. After contacting Boss to see if there was any way to dim or remove them, Which there is not. I placed a couple of strips of black duct tape over the lights, problem was solved! I Highly recommend the amp for the sound! I’m an audiophile, not a thumper, but at 3700 watts it should handle anything you throw at it.”


As you can see, there are a lot of different best cheap car amplifiers to choose from and lots of factors to consider when picking the best one. It is important that your amplifier meets your requirements in order for it to be successful.

The 10 reviews we have provided will help you get started with learning about what other people think about these products before making any decisions on which amplifier would work best for them.