There’s competition in the car audio market, and it’s one of the most saturated and competitive. There are hundreds of different brands and models to choose from, and you can’t go wrong with any of them if you have a little bit of knowledge about them.

However, it’s not easy to decide which brand or model is the best among thousands of Best car amplifier brands. There are some that are very expensive and some are very cheap.


Before going to guide about the best car amp brands we feel it is essential to know about what makes one amplifier brand better than another? and what are the things that manufacture a car amplifier good? There are many constituents that make a car amplifier good or bad. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Amp Class

2. Channel

3. Sound quality

4. Power

5. Price

6. Features

7. User-friendliness

8. Warranty

9. Size

10. Quality

11. Durability

12. Reliability

13. Safety

14. Extra Features

If you want to know more about considerations then visit this page. In this article, we will give you a list of the best car audio amp brands along with a brief introduction, products and brand links to some of them.

Compay’s reputation, amplifier Quality, Variety of amplifiers, Performance of the amplifier, Price-performance ratio, and the company/brand that must currently be in operation are some of the things we have considered when selecting a car amplifier brand for your knowledge.


1st we will mention high end car amplifier brands that are popular and offers quality products.


What are pioneer car amplifiers?

When it comes to car audio brands, Pioneer is a pretty popular and safe bet. The main reason why they have stayed in business for so long is that they have been making sound systems since 1938.

Pioneer car amplifiers are used to enhance the sound quality of the vehicle. These amplifiers are very useful for cars like trucks, vans, and jeeps. The car amplifier is used to amplify the sound coming from the vehicle speakers. The amplifier is connected to the audio system of the vehicle using a wire.

The quality of Japanese audio brands are usually of good quality, but they’re usually not very expensive. They’re not the greatest on a few products, but they have a subwoofers line that makes them worth their spot on this list.

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This Japanese company has been producing car radios since 1946. They have fewer features and may not look as nice as their competitors, but they are very competitively priced. Kenwood is an audiophile-grade brand with a great reputation. It’s affordable, and its minimalist and compact designs fit in with most home environments.

While Kenwood is a popular brand, the company always tries to deliver quality products. But in past, some products had not the level of reliability that one would expect from a high-end brand.


In 1987, Boss was founded, committed to building high-quality car audio products. Today, the brand is known for its wide array of different sound systems, which has helped it grow to a catalog of over 400 different products. There are many excellent sub-brands of Boss, but its own brand is largely mediocre.

The only problem with this is that their speakers are much cheaper than the very high end of the market, which is why you shouldn’t expect their speakers to sound anywhere near as good as more expensive brands. But these products are well known due to their cheap price and good quality accordingly.


American Bass car amplifiers are a great choice for the price. You’re buying a quality product that was made in the United States. They produce the best subwoofers on the market today, and are probably best known.

They are a well-respected drag racing team, and have set a number of world records. In 2003 they won the Extreme Cup, after setting multiple world records in Drag Racing, MECA and USAC.


The Rockville Audio Company is a music equipment manufacturer based in Rockville, Maryland. They are a family-owned business that has been in business since 1979. The company’s products include a full line of guitar amplifiers, bass amplifiers, guitar cabinets, microphone preamps, and microphones for home and autos.


This site appeared back in 1994 and, if you have an old browser, you may see that the site looks like it’s stuck in the 1990s. This New York company has very little going for it. But they do offer a wide selection of amplifiers and speakers.


Absolutely! No corporations are exempt from this list. Sony isn’t one of them, but they have done little to place themselves higher. Sony has some great head units and they do excel at audio, but the rest of their products just don’t cut it.

The world’s biggest electronics company is Sony. But unfortunately, Sony isn’t as big when it comes to the audio systems. But lesser-known products from smaller companies fare better.


Oh, man! They are the Miramar geniuses, James Birch and Lucio Proni, the founder of one of the most iconic brands, JL Audio. It’s been around for more than 45 years and is one of the best known manufacturers in the SPL.

This is a Florida-based company, and it’s been featured in every single list we’ve published. They have speakers, shallow mount subs, amplifiers and more. JL Audio offers a Super sleek design at an affordable price and offers Unsurpassed car audio technology.


Rockford Fosgate has a long history in audio and a stellar reputation for being the loudest, cleanest, and most powerful of its kind. It’s a big player in the world of car audio amplifiers. The best quality in audio comes from Rockford Fosgate. They produce high-end speakers that are reliable and great sounding.

If you’re finding for the highest quality in audio, you should consider Rockford Fosgate products. Rockford produces some of the best-sounding and most powerful headroom amplifier technology.

In addition, the company also manufactures all the components necessary for car audio. The products they design are targeted at the various stereos and speakers used in cars.

This means that by measuring how people speak on all of the frequencies from low to high, the brand was able to create the right frequency curve to avoid distortion at all times.

Rockford Fosgate has also a name that is synonymous with car audio amplifiers. Its products have excellent sound quality at an affordable price and also feature-packed units for optimum flexibility.


In the early 1970s, two music lovers dreamed of opening a 200-employee emporium, but it was hard work and wise leadership that made it so successful. The kicker is a company that started as a garage project in Stillwater and has now become a 240,000 square foot facility.

It is not a secret to a Kicker’s achievement other than passion and dedication. In fact, their product range embodies everything a music lover would like in their pretty car. Moreover, the brand is a fearless innovator, so what you get buying Kicker is the leverage of years of knowledge plus awesome cutting-edge technology.

If you want to upgrade your car’s sound system, and make it more powerful and reliable, then the best option is a Kicker amplifier. Some amps are built to give you rich and detailed tones, but if you’re really serious about your guitar playing, you should also invest in a great amplifier.


Alpine, a brand of Motorola, was created in 1967 by the joining of Alps Electric and Motorola. After Motorola bought Alpine out in 1978, the Alpine line of car audio has been the industry’s standard.

As mentioned, the knowledge of Alpine amplifiers can be found in speakers and stereos, but also, of course, in the company that manufactures them.

This gives you the necessary information to understand why your vehicle needs to be serviced. Installing an Alpine power amplifier for your car’s sound system is a step into the big leagues of car audio.

When it comes to amplifiers, Alpine amplifiers are some of the best out there, with amazing quality, durability, and performance.

The Alpine brand is known for its high quality car speakers and car stereo systems. This company’s products are trusted by major automobile companies for their car audio products and are always very easy to install.


Founded in 1979 in Potenza Picena, Italy by Pietro Pantaleone and Emidio Vagnoni. It’s part of the Elettromedia family of brands, and they have always had near exclusivity for car audio.

The primary purpose of the Audison brand is to make hi-fi audio that fits in people’s pockets and purses. Exactly what engineers at Audison have been able to achieve. They’ve perfected popular products again and again. These speakers are designed with the same materials and high-tech expertise you find in the hi-fi speaker systems installed in the best listening rooms of your home.

Audison amplifiers are the very best for autos. They recently won the “Best Amplifier” award at the CES and the EISA Awards. Installing an Amplifier in your car is the quickest and easiest way to boost the sound from your car. They are really, really good!

13. MTX

The founder of MTX Audio was Lloyd Ivey. This brand was started in 1979 in Winslow, Illinois. In 1984, it released the first audio enclosure that would attach to a smartphone. They’re now the best audio company for low and sub-low frequencies. This includes a wide variety of speakers, amplifiers, and crossovers.

If you have big bass lovers, there are probably no other subwoofers that can match the power of the Jackhammer 24. People who want to buy the best-sounding car will love this company. MTX is an entirely owned brand in its industry, having taken overall operations from the original creator, and was named Best Cosmetic Company to Work For in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016

They manufacture some of the best car audio amplifiers on the market today.

Below are also the best line of audio products.

12. JBL (amplifiers)

13. Planet Audio

14. American Bass(mentioned)

15. Polk Audio

16. Panasonic (Head units)

17. Skar Audio

18. Pyle

19. Hertz

20. Hifonics

21. MTX(Mentioned)

22. Boss(Mentioned)


There are 100+ more brands that are offering their best products.


24. Scosche

25. Audiobank

26. Crunch


28 Aiwa

29. Alphasonik

30. Ampere Audio

31. Audio Legion32. Audiobahn

33. Lexicon

34. Phoenix Gold (anything after the mid-1990s)

35. Power Acoustik

36. Samsung

37. Sanyo

38. SAS Bazooka (bass tubes)

39. Soundstream (current Power Acoustik owned products)

40. Taramps

41. Vibe

42. CT Sounds

43. Gravity Audio

44. Payramid

45. LG

46. Lightning Audio

47. Mark Levinson

48. Matsui (DAB)

49. Metra Electronics

50. NVX Audio

51. Onyx Mobile Audio (Harman/Kardon)

52. Panasonic (subs and amps)

53. Bang & Olufsen

54. Bazooka

55. Blackmore Mobile Electronics

56. Crescendo audio

57. D’Amore Engineering

58. Elemental Designs (eD)

59. Eonon

60. Harmon Kardon

61. A/D/S (Pre-ADST)

62. Ample Audio (Amplifiers)

63. Arc Audio

64. Ascendant Audio

65. Audax

66. Audiocontrol

67. Volfenhag

68. Brax/Helix

69. Butler Audio

70. Cerwin Vega

71. Coustic

72. Diablo Audio Technologies

73 Diamond Audio

74. Digital Designs (DD)

75. DLS

76. DynAudio

77. Eclipse

78. Focal

79. Harrison Labs

80. Hybrid Audio

81. Image Dynamics (ID)

82. Infinity

83. KEF Kar components

84. Luxman

85. MB Quart

86. McIntosh Laboratories

87. Memphis Audio


89. Morel

90. Orion

91. Precision Power (PPI)

92. Rainbow

93. Dual Electronics

94. Resonant Engineering (RE)

95. Revolution Design Audio (RD)/DB Dynamics

96. ScanSpeak

97. Black Diamond

98. SEAS

99. Sinfoni

100. Sundown Audio

101. Treo

102. TRU Technology

103. Vifa

104. Xtant

105. Zapco

106. Good Brands

107. Alphard Audio

108. Altec Lansing (Vintage)

109. Alumapro

110. Audio Development

111. Audiomobile

112. Autotek

113. Avionixx

114. Blitz

115. Boston Acoustics

116. Bravox

117. Cadence

118. CD Technologies (CDT)

119. Clarion (head units)

120. Crossfire

121. Crystal

122. Directed Electronics

123. Earthquake sound

124. Eton

125. Elevation Audio

126. Seismic Audio

127. Fusion

128. Nobsound

129. belva

130. Facmogu

131. Genesis

132. Illusion

133. JVC Digifine

134. Lunar

135. Maxxsonics

136. Mclaren Audio

137. Naim Audio

138. Phoenix Gold (Since 90s)

139. Powerbass

140. PRV Audio

141. Soundstream (older pre-Power Acoustik amplifiers)

142. Synergy audio

143. US Acoustics

144. American HiFi

145. American Pro

146. Audiovox (owned by VOXX Electronics)

147. Becker (owned by Harman International Industries)

148. DHD

149. Electrovoice

150. JDL

151. Jensen

152. Kingwood

153. Kole

154. Kraco

155. Kronik

156. LA Sound

157. Legacy

158. MA Audio

159. Macaudio

160. Magnat

161. Massive Audio

162. Optimus

163. Phase Linear

164. Profile (Brand owned by Leon Speakers)

165. Pyramid

166. SAS Bazooka

167. Sherwood

168. Sound Storm

169. Sparkomatic (Merged with Altec Lansing)

170. SPL Audio

171. Thump (owned by Mackie)

172. Ultimate Sounds


Yes! Because power Amps from different brands have their own distinct sound. Some have a warm smooth sound, while others may sound harsh. The type of music that you prefer can make a difference. Some people may prefer a smooth sound while others may prefer a harsh sound.

Moreover, different power amps can produce different levels of distortion. So It’s very important to think about the brand when you’re looking at car amplifiers. Because your vehicle has very congested facilities and room and you can single a single wave of sound.

Q. What are the best car amplifier brands?

Best Amplifier Brands for Car Audio

1. Pioneer

2. Kenwood

3. Boss

4. American Bass

5. Rockville

6. Lanzar

7. Sony

8. JL Audio

9. Rockford Fosgate

10. Kicker

11. Alpine

12. Audison

13. MTX

12. JBL (amplifiers)

13. Planet Audio

14. American Bass(mentioned)

15. Polk Audio

16. Panasonic (Head units)

17. Skar Audio

18. Pyle

19. Hertz

20. Hifonics

21. MTX(Mentioned)

22. Boss(Mentioned)