It is clear that you are interested in purchasing a new car amplifier. You want to find the best budget mono car amplifier for your needs, but don’t know where to start. Fortunately, this blog post will help guide you through the process of finding an affordable yet high-quality solution.

A good place to start is by reading our buyer’s guide – it has all the basics covered and provides insight into what makes a great amp. After that, feel free to browse our list of 11 best budget mono car amplifiers reviews- there are plenty of options!

If you have any questions or concerns about anything related to amplifiers, please let us know in the comments section below! We would be happy to answer them for you so that we can provide helpful information


BOSS Audio Systems R1100M


  • 1100 High Output
  • Class A/B
  • 2/4 Ohm Stable
  • Low/High Level Inputs
  • Mosfet Power Supply

Rockford Fosgate R250X1


  • 1-Channel
  • Car Mount
  • 12 Volts
  • LxWxH: 14.5 x 10.3 x 4.3 inch
  • Aluminum Heatsink

Taramps HD3000-1


  • 3000W
  • 1 Ohm
  • LxWxH: 7 x 9 x 3 inch
  • Input Impedance
  • Maximum Musical Consumption


A mono amplifier is an amplifier that can only produce 1 channel of sound and runs on 1 channel output (1 to 2 RCA cables).

They are not as popular as they once were but are still used in select systems. Mono amps have been replaced by multi-channel amplifiers which have the power to drive many speakers without distortion.

Some higher end audio professionals still prefer the mono amplifier over the multi channel because of sound quality. If you are planning to upgrade your system with better speakers, adding a mono amp would be an option.

Since they usually come in smaller packages, it makes them easier to install. Mono amps are usually used for subwoofers or mid-bass. The specs of a mono amp will usually have more power for the low end/bass frequencies, and less power for the high end.


You should get it to power speakers efficiently and effectively. Most stock stereo amplifier channels were designed to drive 2-channel music at low to moderate listening levels, not power multiples of speakers playing back high-energy musical content. Monoblock amps provide more than enough clean power on each channel to drive your entire system with authority and fidelity.

Mono amps also typically have more flexible crossovers, allowing you to precisely tune your system’s response for flawless integration and optimal performance.


  1. Best cheap amplifier-BOSS Audio Systems R1100M Riot Series Car Audio Subwoofer Amplifier
  2. Best budget car amplifier-Rockville dB12 2000 Amplifier Car Amp
  3. Mono Amplifier for Subwoofer-Rockford Fosgate R250X1 Prime 1-Channel Mono Block Amplifier
  4. Best mono amplifier-KICKER CX400.1 400 Watt Class D Mono Amplifier
  5. Best class d monoblock amp-Taramp’s HD 3000 1 Ohm Class D Full Range Mono Amplifier
  6. Best Rockford Mono Amplifier-Rockford Fosgate R2-1200X1 1200-Watt Mono Amplifier
  7. Best Car Audio Power Amplifier-Kenwood KAC-9106D 2000W Monoblock Class D Car Audio Power Amplifier
  8. Best PIONEER mono car amplifier-PIONEER 2400W MONOCLASS D Mono AMP (GM-D9701)
  9. Compact mono amplifier-CT Sounds CT-1000.1D Compact Class D Car Audio Monoblock Amplifier
  10. Most powerful car amplifier-Blaupunkt AMP3000D 3000W 1-Channel Monoblock Amplifier
  11. Best 1000W Monoblock Class D Amplifier-Audiopipe APMN-1300 is a 1000-watt amplifier

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The Riot 1100M Monoblock Class A/B Car Audio Amplifier is a powerful and compact amplifier that can be used in many applications. The R1100M is capable of delivering 1100 watts at 2 ohms, which makes it ideal for powering subwoofers or running multiple speakers.

It has a MOSFET power supply that provides maximum current to the amplifier. This high-current design allows the R1100M to have extremely low distortion while maintaining its rated power output.

The amplifier also features both high-level and low-level inputs. High-level input provides the simplest installation because you can run speaker wire from your car’s radio to this amp without having to bother with connecting a remote turn-on lead.

Low-level input is an option that will allow the amplifier to be connected to most factory radios with ease, as well as provide excellent sound quality.

Also, it’s tough as nails. This amplifier is built in a cast-aluminum chassis that puts the amplifier’s heat to good use by dissipating it into the air so its internal components can remain cool!

This makes it well suited for use in small compartments where cooling might be an issue, such as trunks, glove compartments, and under-seat installations.

The Riot 1100M amplifier comes complete with detailed instructions to make installation as easy as possible. It also has punch-down terminals that are compatible with up to 8 gauge wires for connection to the battery, making it capable of handling high volumes of power.

The R1100M can accept 4 AWG power and ground wire when the amplifier is mounted in a location that is close to the battery.

If it is installed in a trunk or similar area that will require a larger wire, we recommend using 8 AWG wires for power and ground only. For all other connections, such as remote turn-on lead (if applicable), speaker wire, etc., we recommend 8 AWG.

A note about power handling: Although the R1100M has a peak output of 1100 watts, its RMS power is rated at 550 watts into 2 ohms and 500 watts into 4 ohms.

This is due to thermal limitations inside the amplifier – as explained above, this amp gets hot during operation and it cannot safely dissipate the excess heat that results.

If you are using this amp to drive a subwoofer, make sure it is a good match for the sub. The R1100M can handle up to a 2-ohm load when operating at full power.

If your amplifier is bridged and seeing a 1-ohm load, DO NOT attempt to use it with the R1100M, as this will surely result in damage to one or both components.

Also included are screw-down terminals that are compatible with up to 10 gauge wires for connection to your subwoofer – again, please remember that 4 AWG is all that’s required if you are mounting this amp next to the battery with short leads.

If you are installing the amp under a seat or in other locations that will require a larger wire, we recommend 10 AWG to be safe.

The Riot 1100M Amplifier comes with a Power/Ground input harness and an 18 Gauge Speaker output harness, as well as all of the hardware necessary for installation.


  • Easy to install
  • Blue led light is cool
  • Great product for the price
  • It is cheap for a small sub set up
  • Bass remote works perfectly and is a real bonus when listening to different types of music


  • Sometimes Bass knob control does not work properly or does not come with it.

Sample buyer’s review: “This amp has been in my GMC for about 5 months. I bought it on Amazon, had it installed at Best Buy and it’s been working great for me so far. It was worth every penny. I really can’t believe how good it sounds for the price that I paid. I’ll be buying one for my Miata as well.”


Rockville dB12 2000 Watt Peak/500 Watt Dyno-Certified RMS Mono 2 Ohm Amplifier Car Amp is a power-packed amplifier that gives you the best of both worlds. It has the power to rock your vehicle with clean, clear, and powerful sound.

This amp can be used for a wide range of applications from powering subwoofers, component speakers or coaxial speakers in an automobile.

The Rockville dB12 2000 Watt Peak/500 Watt Dyno-Certified RMS Mono 2 Ohm Amplifier Car Amp is fully tested in the USA for performance to be UL listed and it will give you many years of great sound for your car audio system.
It has a maximum power output of 2000 watts at 2000 watts Peak, 500 Watts RMS @ 4 ohms, and 500 watts RMS @ 2 ohms.

It has a MOSFET power supply that offers low distortion and protection from overheating, short circuit, low impedance to high impedance, DC offset, and more. The frequency response on this amp is 10 Hz – 250 kHz.


  • Great sound quality
  • Easy to install
  • overall great value for the price
  • No overheating issues
  • Protection light
  • CEA certified


  • Due to the mono amplifier, you can only hook up one speaker

Sample buyer’s review: “I’ve always purchased high end name brand car stereo products, especially amps and subs because the lesser brands never perform as advertised.

I was on a budget with this project so I read the reviews and decided on the rockville DB16 to pair with my soundqubed HDC3 10 that is underrated at 1,500RMS. The amp pushes the sub very well and so far I’m impressed and satisfied with the purchase.

This thing is power hungry and my 160amp alternator has a little trouble keeping up with it. Needless to say a AGM battery is next on the list. **I would recommend this amp for anyone looking for a nice bang for the buck.”


The Rockford Fosgate Prime Series R250X1 is a 1-channel amplifier, delivering up to 250 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms. The Prime Series amps feature a high-current Punch EQ on the front panel for easy access to boost frequencies, as well as convenient speaker level inputs and outputs for trouble-free installation.

A selectable 12dB/octave LP/HP crossover with 24dB/octave subsonic filter ensures you’ll get the right frequency sent to each speaker in your system. If you’re looking for an amp that’s not only easy to install, but also with the power to bring your sound to life, you’ll find it in Rockford Fosgate Prime Series amps.

To drive this single-channel amplifier, you need at least a 2V input signal. The Prime R250X1 can accept high-level or low-level inputs, so it’s compatible with both factory and aftermarket radios.

A Punch EQ circuit on the front of the amp allows you to easily dial in up to +18dB of bass boost, centered at 40Hz. This gives your music extra punch without degrading the sound quality or adding more noise.

Just push the EQ button until you hear the desired amount of bass, and enjoy. The subsonic filter prevents ultra-low bass notes from distorting your subwoofers by keeping them out of their native range at all times.

The R250X1 Prime amplifier has speaker-level inputs, which lets you connect it to a factory radio or an aftermarket receiver that doesn’t have preamp outputs. You can adjust the input sensitivity to match your radio so you get an optimal sound, even with a factory system.

The amp stays cool thanks to its internal fan and aluminum-finned heatsink that dissipates heat across the entire chassis instead of just through the top-down into your car’s interior. A special undercoating on the bottom of the amp’s case reduces road noise and vibrations, so you hear a cleaner sound.

This amplifier is 2-ohm stable, meaning it will drive 1 or 2 subwoofers at its full power rating without pulling excessive current from your car’s electrical system. And if your car can handle more than 250 watts RMS at 2 ohms, Rockford has an upgrade path for additional amplifier power.

With Class A/B technology driving the efficient MOSFET switching power supply, this amp is efficient enough to run with a factory radio or 3 amps on your car’s battery, so you’ll save gas and keep extra space in your trunk all at once.

An optional remote Punch Level Control lets you adjust the output of the amplifier from the front seat, for easy control over your sound. You can wire it directly to this amp or use it in line with another remote-mounted Rockford Fosgate audio component for convenient access.

With its black finish and classic silver accents, the Prime R250X1 looks like a serious amplifier even when it’s turned off. It’ll add authority to your music and value to your system when you crank it up.


  • Easy to install, sounds good, and has plenty of power
  • Fits easily in your trunk or other areas such as under the seat
  • No overheating
  • Protection mode to prevent the sub from blowing
  • Built-in crossover


  • It doesn’t have Bluetooth capability

Sample buyer’s review: “Bought this item as part of my new sound system for my car. LOVE it… The R500X1D Prime amp makes my Fosgate P1-2X12 subs hit hard. Installed along with an AudioControl LC2i LOC. Perfect match of Subs, AMP and LOC. You can’t go wrong with Rockford Fosgate.
Installed this in a 2018 Honda Civic EX sedan.”


The kicker is the leader in-car audio, and this CX400.1 Class D Mono Amplifier with KickEQ bass boost is a great entry-level amplifier for your system.

Its compact size makes it ideal for tight spaces, but don’t let its small form fool you; it packs 400 watts into 4 ohms to power your speakers with plenty of volumes.

Its three-second on/off delay eliminates any unwanted interference from other devices so you can enjoy uninterrupted sound at all times.

Variable 12 dB crossovers let you control the dial to optimize your sound, and you can even plug in an optional KICKR remote so you don’t have to reach inside your door.

Don’t run the risk of bigger problems down the road with lower quality sound. A Kicker CX Amplifier offers more power for less money than most other amps on the market, without compromising quality at all.

This CX400.1 amp is small, but it’s full of power; it can drive speakers with up to 400 watts at 4 ohms for plenty of volumes.

Its three-second on/off delay lets you enjoy uninterrupted play without any annoying interference, and variable 12 dB crossovers let you control the sound to get the best out of your speakers.

And the best part? This amp will work with virtually any factory radio, so you won’t need an expensive replacement head unit to enjoy great sound.

It’s easy to install a CX amplifier in almost any vehicle with this universal back-strap. It lets you mount the amp securely without drilling into your door for a simple installation that won’t damage your vehicle or reduce its resale value.

You can also attach a Kicker adapter bracket for compatibility with other vehicles, and you’ll have it ready to install in no time thanks to the color-coded connectors. Spice up your sound without losing any space by adding a CX amplifier from Kicker.


  • Super small and easy to hide, fit under the rear seat
  • doesn’t take up a lot of space.
  • This amplifier is a 400-watt mono amplifier with two RCA inputs and just one set of speaker connections, making it very easy to install in any vehicle.
  • Good value and sleek


  • The only con I think is worth mentioning is that it doesn’t come with speaker-level inputs, but that isn’t always a problem.

Sample buyer’s review: “Installed this in my 2016 Ram 2500 Laramie Power Wagon using the Rockford Fosgate RFI2SW high level RCA input adapter. These amps use Kickers FIT+ (2019 and up) technology so it can accept up to 40VDC high input signal and does not require a LOC and uses DC offset for remote turn on. This little amp is rated @ 525 Watts RMS so is perfectly matched for the sub I used. Kicker never disappoints!”


The HD 3000 is a full-range 1-ohm class D amplifier with a bass boost. It has excellent sound quality and can be used for voice as well as bass.

The amplifier features high gain, low noise, low distortion, and high stability. It has a variable crossover that allows you to set the HPF (high pass filter) between 10Hz and 80Hz (-12dB/octave) and LPF (low pass filter) between 80Hz to FULL (0dB).

This amplifier is ideal for use in applications such as subwoofer or speaker systems, where it is necessary to boost the bass response of the system without any degradation in sound quality.

The amplifier also has a variable selectable 50Hz Bass Boost that increases the low-frequency performance of the system and allows you to tweak your audio settings depending on available space and speaker requirements.

The HD 3000 is very versatile allowing you full control over your set-up. Adjusting the settings is extremely easy and can be done with the On-board Digital Control Knob, supplied with the amplifier. It has excellent thermal protection that ensures the stable performance of the amplifier in any situation.

The amplifier has 4-way protection (Thermal, DC, Voltage, and Speaker short) to protect itself from damage. When the amplifier is turned ON and detects a problem with any of its protection mechanisms, it will shut down and turn off.

If this happens during play, the music file will stop playing but there is no damage to your system or speakers. When you restart the amplifier, it should continue playing from where it stopped.

The HD 3000 comes packed in a high-grade aluminum enclosure and is hand-built in the UK. Its compact size makes it slim and easy to install, while its MM Phono inputs add more value by allowing you to add turntables directly into your system.

This amplifier gives you excellent sound quality that will bring out the best of any audio equipment when playing music!


  • Good looking like a unit with easy-to-operate controls which make it a good choice for a good sound system
  • Good unit with a cooling fan that makes it to prevent from overheating which can lead to damages
  • It could be used for a variety of tasks such as powering off amps, digital power amps and etc


  • Power-hungry

Sample buyer’s review:

“Arrived on time. Good deal! I hooked it up and it works fine. So far so good. I have mine wired to 8 ohm because I only have 1 – 10 inch DVC 4ohm sub. And I set it to 1000 watts with a multimeter. Going to move it up to 1500 tomorrow. It will do 2025 rms @ 8 ohms.

But my sub is only 1500 rms. But I do plan on getting 1 more 1500 – 4 ohm 10 . Then I’ll wire them both in series/ parallel to the amp @ 4ohms which will give me the 3000 rms the amp was made for. Will update on longevity. * update : I got the 150 amp fuse in. So I set amp to 1500 watts which is like 109.0 volts @ 8 ohms. But it sounds really good! It hits hard got my whole car shaking. Very happy with amp.”


Rockford Fosgate’s R2-1200X1 1200-Watt Mono Amplifier is the perfect addition to your car stereo system. It features a Class D amplifier that delivers up to 1200 Watts of power for superior sound quality and performance. This amp has Punch EQ, which corrects for acoustic deficiencies in your vehicle, so you can enjoy full, rich bass without distortion or muddy sounds.

The C.L.E.A.N Circuitry helps you adjust gain settings so you can get the most out of this amplifier by tailoring it to fit your unique setup. The Punch EQ and C.L.E.A.N Circuitry controls make it easy to optimize the sound quality of your music, even if you’re working with a limited budget and low-cost factory speakers or an aftermarket stereo that doesn’t include an equalizer.

The features don’t stop there, though. The R2-1200X1 also includes an Infrasonic Filter that lets you reassign the amp’s 24dB octave low pass filter frequency to compensate for inaudible ultra-low frequencies that can be present in all music.

If you still think your bass is lacking even after turning on the Punch EQ and activating the Infrasonic Filter, you can activate the Subsonic Filter on this mono amplifier. The 14dB octave low pass filter will remove ultra-low frequencies that aren’t in your music but cause distortion anyway.

Another great aspect of the R2-1200X1 is its ability to switch between 4 and 1-Ohms. With the 4-Ohm speaker taps, this amplifier delivers up to 1200 Watts RMS, while with the 1-Ohm speaker taps it can produce up to 750 Watts RMS of power at a higher resistance for better performance from smaller subwoofers. When you need more power, simply switch back to 2-Ohms to get the full power of this amplifier.

The R2-1200X1 has 2-Ohm stability, a variable high-pass filter that you can set from 40Hz to 400Hz and a variable low-pass filter that you can choose from 100Hz to 500 Hz with a slope as steep as 24dB/octave.

The R2-1200X1 uses one set of speaker outputs, but it comes with a remote Punch Level Control that you can use to adjust the output level for optimum sound quality while still keeping the amp out of sight in your trunk or under another seat.

This Rockford Fosgate amplifier also has short circuit protection to keep it safe from damage due to overloads, overheating, or DC offset. This protection circuitry automatically shuts the amp off if it senses these issues so you can rest assured that your vehicle’s sound system will remain in good condition at all times.

The amplifier is also equipped with intelligent diagnostics to ensure you never have a problem getting power to this amplifier or making adjustments to its settings.

The diagnostic indicator LEDs let you know how the amp is functioning at all times, so you’ll always be in the loop.

The R2-1200X1 includes a remote Punch Level Control that lets you adjust output level without having to leave your vehicle and it measures only 2-3/16 x 7/8 x 9-5/16 inches. It’s designed to be compact and easy to install in a wide range of vehicles, but it delivers robust power and advanced features.

With this amp in your car, you can enjoy the best sound quality possible from a mono amplifier that performs at 1200 Watts without any distortion or other problems.

With the Rockford Fosgate R2-1200X1, you and your passengers will enjoy the full sound without having to worry about distortion or safety hazards. This amplifier actually delivers up to 1200 Watts of power but it can also be dialed back for use with smaller subwoofers if necessary.

If you’re a bassist who just wants more sound quality and power from your car’s existing stereo system, this is the perfect amplifier for you.


  • Easy to install
  • Switching mode power supply that offers increased efficiency over linear supplies.
  • Compact in size thus easy to mount even in tight spaces.


  • It is not an SPL amp but works excellent in daily driving

Sample buyer’s review: “**Haven’t installed it yet I will update with more Information soon. But was really happy when i opened the box and seen under rated at 320 W. Rockford gives u more than u expect everytime 🤙🏼

update: been running for 3 months. no problems. it definitely runs smooth @ 1 ohm. ive tried multiple setups and it always performed best for me @ 1 ohm. just my opinion. very happy with this amp”


The Kenwood KAC-9106D 2000W Monoblock Class D Car Audio Power Amplifier is a solid, dependable amp that’s ready to deliver the power you need for your system. This class D amplifier features a variable low-pass filter (50-200 Hz at 24 dB per octave) and speaker level inputs with signal sensing turn on.

It also has CEA 2006 compliant output ratings and is rated at 500 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms, 1 kHz with a THD+N of 10%; 450 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms, 20 Hz-20 kHz with a THD+N of 10%, and 2 channels driven.

The Kenwood KAC-9106D is made out of heavy duty materials for strength and durability. The MOS-FET power supply is built into the amplifier for high efficiency and less heat. It also has short circuit protection, thermal overload protection, over-excursion protection, low-voltage turn on and an automatic standby mode.

This amp uses a rotary volume control with detent to control level. Other features include bass boost (0 to +18 dB at 40 Hz), selectable bass boost (flat/off/boost), an electronic crossover with a slope of 12 dB, high and low pass filters (low-pass full range/80 Hz-500 Hz; high-pass 30 Hz-500 Hz) and speaker level inputs with included wiring harness.


  • This amplifier is a tireless worker who doesn’t overheat or die
  • The sound is great and with the ease of install
  • This amp doesn’t get hot
  • High Level Input


  • You have to buy a universal volume knob for heavy audio

Sample buyer’s review: “I did expect a little more from Kenwood. I had two different brand amps for each sub woofer and total power was about 1200W. 760 for one and 500 on the other. I wanted to just switch to one amp to power both. It works well and hasn’t given me any grief in the last two years I’ve had it, but it doesn’t sound as good as the two amps I had in previously. Don’t get me wrong. It absolutely blasts, but I was expecting it be more.”


Pioneer’s GM-D9701 car amplifier is a 2-channel dash mountable amp for your car. The GM-D9701 has an RMS power of 500W and 800W at 4Ω and 2ω, respectively. This gives you the ability to use this amp in any type of vehicle with ease, as it can handle both high and low impedance speakers.

It also has a signal-to-noise ratio of 100dB, ensuring that you get the best sound possible from your music source. In addition to this, the Pioneer 2400W class D mono subwoofer amplifier is the perfect addition to your system.

An option for a built-in low pass crossover and bass boost is available as a separate unit, called the GM-D9702. This would give you all of the options that come with its sister model, but this one is designed to be hidden out of sight in your trunk and can power up to 4 speakers.


  • Easy to install
  • Big rotary knob
  • Easy to handle
  • Good quality material
  • An aluminum alloy case and metal control panel ensure the stability of mobile stereo for a long time


  • Little bit heavy weight

Sample buyer’s review: “I have installed many many systems over the years but since my 30s i kinda slowed down with all the bigg subs and what not.well i decided to buy this amp and the skar dual sdr 10’s in the skar slot ported box they sell here on amazon or the skar site for 299.

The best purchase i have made in years the auto turn when using the high level adapter (supplied) in the amp box is great no running around looking for a 12v accessory for remote turn on amp just senses signal and turns on you really only have to run 1 wire from the front the 4 or zero gauge to the rear and your set i did run the bass knob and its ok it does kill some of the sound since its i believe a 12db 50hz boost but the combo is absolutely fantastic its a lot but not to much .”


The CT Sounds CT-1000.1D Compact Class D Car Audio Monoblock Amplifier is the perfect amplifier for any car audio system, from a simple 2-channel to a full-blown 3-way component system. This 1000 watt mono amplifier delivers crisp and clean sound through its 4-ohm impedance and high power output.

With its small footprint and compact chassis, this amp can be installed in almost any vehicle or car audio application; but don’t let the size fool you, this 1000 watt amplifier absolutely pounds!

This powerful monoblock amplifier features a MOSFET power supply to ensure high quality sound while reducing distortion and interference from other electrical components. The frequency response of this amplifier is 20 Hz – 250 Hz with a signal to noise ratio of > 80 dB.

The CT Sounds Monoblock Amplifier features three bands of equalization to customize your sound for any music type or application – whether it’s a subwoofer, full range amplifier, or for high power speakers.

This Class D Car Audio Amplifier is built with 1/0 AWG power and ground wire inputs and outputs to ensure you get all the current your subs need to keep them pumping loud and crisp. The CT Sounds Monoblock 1000 watt also features RCA pass-thru outputs and a bass remote port so you can control the bass from your dash instead of wasting time finding an extra amp to turn it up or down.

This amplifier features all-analog controls, flexible crossover functions, and high pass/low pass filters which help take your system to the next level! The CT Sounds 1000 watt Monoblock Amplifier is the ultimate solution for any system!


  • Pros:
  • Sleek Design with Electronics On Display
  • Remote volume controller
  • Thermal and speaker short protection circuit
  • LED power and protection indicator


  • There are no reported disadvantages to this amplifier

Sample buyer’s review: “_I purchased this amp to install a budget sound system in my truck, size, tuning and sound quality are as promised and have exceeded my expectations for the price. The amp does not have a fuse which I found strange to only rely on the main power fuse but overall I’m impressed. I will add that the adjustable bass knob could be improved, the adjustment is a bit touchy. Overall good bang for buck.”


The AMP3000D is a high-power cheapest car amplifier with a Class D output stage. It has been designed for installation in vehicles and boats to drive subwoofers, full range speakers, or both at the same time.

The amplifier can be used in mobile applications where its compact size and low weight are important. The amp’s 1/8" thick aluminum heat sink keeps operating temperatures down even when driving difficult loads at high volume levels. A special power supply design allows the amp to run on voltages as low as 11V DC without sacrificing sound quality or output power.

The AMP3000D is equipped with speaker level input capability, allowing high-level signals from the receiver to be used directly by the amp. This eliminates the need for line output converters (LOCs). The signal gains are continuously adjustable over a wide range using an optional remote gain control.

Like all our amplifiers, the AMP3000D is fully protected against over-current, short circuit, DC offset, and overheating.

All controls, covers, and connectors are on one side for easy mounting in a car or marine dash.


  • The bass knob is a very nice feature
  • Built-in cross over filter works very well
  • Bass boost level works very well


  • No multiple power switch modes

Sample buyer’s review: “Pieced together a cheap but decent system for my daily, an 07 Crown Vic. Quality seems great. Its hooked up to a single 12 inch sub at 2 ohms. Sub is rated at 1000 watts rms and 2000 watts max. I’m no professional audio guru. But the system bangs! Amp doesn’t get hot what so ever. More testing will be done, but so far so good. I’m very impressed for the price. Might even buy another for a second sub.”


This Audiopipe APMN-1300 is a 1000-watt amplifier built on a mini chassis to provide serious power in a tight space. This amp is a monoblock amplifier that is stable at 1 ohm and comes with an inline fuse and bass knob! For the size, quality, and power this amp is hard to beat!

Audiopipe’s 1000-watt APMN-1300 amplifier is a powerful monoblock that includes an inline fuse and bass knob. The 1000W max power of this amp provides plenty of juice for your entire system, including the most demanding speakers.

This MOSFET PWM technology uses high speed components to provide efficient sound transfer, and the amplifier’s short circuit protection features prevent damage from overheating or overload.

Enjoy bass response with an adjustable bass knob, and run all of your speakers off of one amp with this single channel design.


  • This amp is very good for the price
  • Very nice and clean bass
  • Cheap
  • Easy to wire


  • Improper grounding may cause distortion

Sample buyer’s review: “have this 1000w amp hooked up to 2 10” Infinity Reference subs rated at 450W each (900 total @ 2 ohm). **They hit hard and I only have the Gain set a little past a 1/4 turn!
Anything past that 1/4 turn and the subs begin to clip.

The amp did get pretty hot, but that was my fault by not grounding the amp as well as I should have. **After getting some sand paper and exposing bare metal for the ground wire, I no longer have any heating issues with this amp."


The Main Purpose of the Amplifier: This is really important as different amplifiers are for different purposes. If you want to power woofers, they will need more power than tweeters; if you want to power speakers in the front and rear of your car, they will need more power than those found in the doors (categorized as front and rear speakers respectively).


The budget is one of the biggest things to consider when purchasing an amplifier. Of course, you want one that works well, so be prepared to spend some money, but try to stick within your range.

Quality amplifiers can cost anywhere from $20-$100 or more depending on the features you are looking for. Just because an amplifier is expensive does not make it good, and conversely just because an amp is cheap does not mean it won’t work out very well.


Size should be one of your biggest concerns when purchasing an amplifier for your vehicle. Amplifiers come in all shapes and sizes, but you want to make sure that the size of your amplifier will fit in the space you have available. For example, if your amplifier needs to fit in a certain place in your trunk, you don’t want to purchase one that is much larger than the area available.

In addition, when purchasing amps with multiple channels or more unique shapes it may be necessary to build or buy an enclosure for the amplifier to fit it into.


You want to make sure you leave enough room in your vehicle for other equipment like subwoofers since most amps will take up at least some room even if they are quite small


The channels that your amplifier can handle are another important factor when purchasing an amp. Generally, mono amplifiers handle one channel and two-channel amps handle two channels.

If you have a 4-channel or 5-channel head unit then you will need to find out what the impedance is on each of the channels in order to know how much power your amplifier needs to be able to put out for each channel.


The power rating of an amplifier is the amount of power it can put out per channel and will directly affect your stereo head unit’s RMS rating. For example, if you install a 200 W amplifier on a stereo with a 50 W RMS output, you’ll only be able to get around half as loud as you would with a 400 W amp on the same head unit.


When purchasing an amplifier you want to make sure that there are no imitation power ratings, which are sometimes called “peak” or “maximum” ratings. One way to do this is by purchasing an amp from a trusted brand name, such as Boss Audio. Make sure you do your research before making a purchase.


The wiring of an amplifier is very important and should not be taken lightly when purchasing an amplifier. Since the amplifier is what puts out power to your speakers, it’s necessary that you use oxygen-free copper (OFC), also known as 99.9% Oxygen Free Copper, instead of selecting copper clad aluminum (CCA).

Different wire gauges affect the ability of your amp to put out power, so make sure you use the correct wire gauge for your application.


The installation process varies depending on what kind of amplifier you have purchased and what kind of vehicle you have. Be sure to read the instructions that come with your amplifier before you attempt installation.


You need to take the brand name into account. There are many different companies out there, and they all have their own unique qualities. For example, one company might use better materials than another, while still being cheaper.


Mono Car Amp Customer Reviews: When you’re buying a product online, you’ll want to be sure that you know all of the facts before making any purchases. To provide great help, we have attached the “Read Customer Review” button at the bottom of all products, along with one customer review as a sample.


When you choose an amplifier, you’ll have to decide whether you want to go with a cheaper option, or you’d rather pay more money for a high-quality product. You can’t really get both.


It is also a very important factor that makes easy your car amplifier shopping. The CEA2006 industry standards are a set of guidelines created by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and other audio/visual manufacturers for testing amplifiers. The amplifier must meet or exceed these standards in order to be deemed compliant with basic industry requirements.

One requirement is that an amplifier produces no more than 0.08% total harmonic distortion at rated power into a resistive load. This is known as the CEA2006 Power Standard and it ensures that all amplifiers will play cleanly, even when running close to maximum distortion levels (which occurs often in popular music).

Standard testing & CEA-2006 industry standards for car amplifiers can also be used with other appliances such as speakers and other electronic devices. So, if you are buying an amplifier, it is best to buy one with lab test results. If the amplifier says CEA-2006 compliant specs, then they are true ratings and you will get what you are paying for.

If you want to be an expert in selecting a perfect car amplifier then here is a deep knowledge that is essential before buying a mono car amplifier.

Let’s dive in…


Power output is one of the most crucial aspects of an amplifier that helps in identifying the quality and efficiency of the product. The power is measured in watts which can be obtained from multiplying voltage with current where both are represented as RMS values.


Classification of car speakers can be categorized into three types such as compact component speaker system, coaxial speaker system, and full-range speaker system. Classification of car subwoofers is of two types such as shallow mount and standard size subwoofer.

Classification of car audio amplifiers is more broadly categorized into four categories based on different features such as Class A, Class B, Class G, and Class H.

The Input sensitivity and impedance is another important specification to be considered while purchasing an amplifier for your vehicle so as to save yourself from short circuits or damage due to incorrect input voltage.


Signal to noise ratio is another important specification that needs to be considered while purchasing an amplifier for your vehicle which helps in determining the quality of sound produced by the speaker system.


Loudness, on the other hand, is not a specification but helps in knowing the efficiency of sound produced by the speaker system.


Passive crossovers and the damping factor is some of the most important specifications that need to be considered while purchasing an amplifier for your vehicle.


Total harmonic distortion (THD) is another key specification that measures the quality of sound received from the speaker system after amplification.




Symmetrical clipping/clipping distortion is another feature that helps in measuring the quality of sound received from the speaker system.


The bridged connection of two or more amplifiers to create a monoblock amplifier also known as monoblock amplifier is another feature that needs to be considered while purchasing an amplifier for your vehicle.


Antenna input and Speaker line output are the two types of connectors available on an amplifier that helps in connecting it with other components such as subwoofers, woofers and tweeter speakers, etc.


Push-pull output also known as class-AB output is another specification that needs to be considered while purchasing an amplifier for your vehicle.


Single-ended output also known as class-A/B output is another key specification to consider while purchasing an amplifier for your vehicle.

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The simple answer is Class A or Class AB Amplifiers Explained:
When choosing an amplifier, many people are often confused by the different class amplifiers that are on offer. People don’t know which ones they should buy and will end up following people’s advice rather than making their own informed decision.

The difference between class A and B amplifiers is fairly obvious, but the difference between A and AB amplifiers is not so clear. Read on to find out more about this subject…

Class A Amplifier:
The majority of amplifiers are class B or AB, but there are some that are class A. Class A amplifiers are very simple devices in which the entire energy given to them is turned into heat.

There is a huge amount of heat being produced when this is in use and it also needs a lot of energy in order to work. This makes them very inefficient and not the most reliable of amplifiers on offer.

Class A Common Misconceptions:

There are many misconceptions about class A amps, which have been passed on from person to person. Some people believe that they are transparent amplifiers, while some believe that the sound quality is better.

Both of these are not true, and in fact a class A amplifier can be very harsh to listen to when compared to other amps out there.

When you compare it with other types of amps such as AB, you will find that the difference in quality is not an issue. You are also able to hear when it has gone wrong because there is a lot of heat produced when it is in use.

This can be dangerous if people touch them accidentally, this could result in serious burns which would require medical attention.

Class A The Pros: – The sound quality is of a higher standard when compared with other amps on the market. – You can get a lot of power from a small size unit. – Low distortion levels allow for accurate sound reproduction.

Class A The Cons:

It uses twice as much power, which means that it is not as efficient as other amps. The heat that is produced makes them unreliable and not very durable. They are expensive to buy, so people will only buy if they have a budget of $3,000 or more.

Class A Recommendations:

We do not recommend class A amplifiers because the cons are far outweighing the positives.

Class B Amplifier:

The majority of amplifiers are class AB, but there are some that are class B. Class B is not as efficient as other amps on the market, but it does generate a lot less heat than others do. It is very similar to a class A amplifier in many ways, but there are some differences.

Class B Common Misconceptions:

They are fully transparent. They will produce much less heat than other amplifiers do. This is not true at all, they still generate a lot of heat which means that the quality of sound isn’t as good as other amps on offer.

Class B The Pros:

A high quality sound output with good bass and clarity. They do not produce a lot of heat which means that they will be more durable than other amps. These amps generate less distortion when in use, so the quality of your listening experience improves.

Class B The Cons:

Much less efficient than other amps on offer. This means that you won’t get as much power from them, but they are still very reliable.

Less available on the market when compared with other amps. You will struggle to find one below $500 which is a bit pricey compared to some of the others out there.

Class B Recommendations:

We recommend class B amplifiers because they are not as expensive as others on the market, and they still produce a high-quality sound output with a good level of bass and clarity. The less distortion is also a bonus!

AB Amplifier (Most Common)

Some amps are available in the AB format, which is the most common that you will find. The AB amps are popular because they can provide the clearest sound when in use.

They are perfect for both analog and digital discs, so they offer a great option when compared to other amps on offer. This makes them very versatile and it also offers users more choice when it comes to their listening experience.

AB Common Misconceptions:

– They are not transparent, this is actually an advantage because transparency can make the output sound too harsh. This means that it will impact the overall sound quality of the unit which will be hard to listen to.

– You will get less power from these amps when compared with other models on the market. This is not true at all! You will get more power from these amps than others, so people are able to enjoy their music more thoroughly without any interruptions.

AB The Pros:

– These are very versatile amps that offer a high level of clarity with good bass and mid-range frequencies.
– They generate much less heat than other amps, and this will increase the life span of this unit in general.

AB The Cons: – They are expensive to buy when compared with other amps on offer. If you can afford one then we do recommend that you go for it because they will improve your listening experience dramatically!

– You will need to spend a lot of money on maintenance because they are very sensitive. This is the only major drawback with this type of amp, but if you can afford it then we do recommend that you give them a go!

AB Recommendations: We would always recommend an amplifier in this format because they offer a high level of quality, but they do cost a lot more than others on the market. If you can afford one then we would recommend them because they will provide you with good bass and clarity. The only major drawback is the price!

Class G Amplifier: The class G amps are very efficient when in use, and they offer a high level of power output. This means that they will provide you with the entertainment value that you desire, and it will make your listening experience much more enjoyable. They are versatile amps that are perfect for analog discs as well as digital ones.

Class G Common Misconceptions: – These are not transparent at all, this is because transparency can lead to the output sound being too harsh and it will impact the overall quality of your listening experience.

– The G amps do not produce a lot of sounds, we would recommend that you check out an AB amplifier or something else because they are much better than this option.

Class G The Pros: – These amplifiers are a good option for those who want something with a high level of power.

– They are excellent when it comes to providing value for money because they will last you a long time thanks to the efficiency that they provide.

Class G The Cons: – They are expensive amps, and this means that they might not be suitable for all budgets. If you have the cash available then we would recommend that you go for one of these units, but they are pretty expensive!

– They require a lot of maintenance because they can be temperamental at times. This means that you will need to spend more money on them (on top of what you already paid!) to keep them in good working order.

Class G Recommendations: We would recommend that people spend their cash on an AB amplifier because they are much better options, but these are great amps for those who want value for money. Just be ready to spend more cash on maintenance down the line!


1. What are Car amplifier power ratings?

A car amplifier’s power rating is a measurement of how much power the amp can handle. For an amp to be classified as a car amplifier it must have a power output that falls somewhere between 1 and 5 watts for each channel (1-channel). There are amps with 2, 3, 4, or even 10 channels, but these aren’t generally classified as car amplifiers.

The power is typically measured in watts RMS, which is a measurement of continuous power, not peak or maximum power. This means is that an amp with a 4-ohm stable impedance will deliver the same output as one with a 2-ohm stable impedance if they are both supplying the same amount of continuous power.

The boost in wattages (from one model to the next) is due to the fact that car audio amplifiers put out more power when they are at 2-ohm than they do at 4 ohms, and even more still when they are at 1-ohm stable impedance. So an amp can be designed to handle 500 watts at 4 ohms, but when bridged to run in mono it will put out 1000 watts at 2 ohms.


The main advantage of using a mono amplifier is power output. This type of amp typically has more wattage than standard car amplifiers, meaning it can boost the sound better.

Additionally, they are able to handle high-passed subwoofers without breaking down or wearing out early due to their design and circuitry.

The disadvantage of this type is that they are not as versatile.


As the name suggests, a monoblock car amplifier is a single channel amp. This means they are designed to power only one speaker or subwoofer at a time. Monoblock amplifiers often have high RMS or continuous output capabilities and supply enough power for an entire system if you wire them correctly through multiple channels (see below).

If you are looking for the best way to install your new monoblock amp, consider these tips. After all, you are getting a powerful piece of equipment that needs proper installation and wiring in order to avoid damaging it or even yourself!

Many people end up with burnt out amps because they were not careful when installing them. Just keep in mind that the amplifier will work much better when you wire it correctly.

Monoblock amplifiers are becoming more popular in today’s car audio scene, with over 20% of all aftermarket amps being monoblocks. They produce higher power but draw less current than multi-channel models which makes them ideal for powering subwoofers.

Monoblock amplifiers receive power through a single channel or bridgeable channels (see below). This means you cannot connect more than one speaker to the same amplifier at once, but it also reduces cable size and weight resulting in less voltage loss. While they are not extremely common for powering speakers, many manufacturers do make them!

The most important part of correctly installing a monoblock amplifier is wiring it. Make sure the power wire goes to the battery or other source that has enough amps for your amp to function properly (see below). The ground connection should also go directly to metal on both ends, but make sure you do not attach any wires in between because this can cause a short.

You must also wire the speaker properly in order for it to work correctly with your amplifier (see below). The positive wire should go to the red terminal of the amp and the negative goes to your car’s chassis or any piece of metal that is not painted because this can introduce noise into your system. It doesn’t hurt to run the cable through a fusible link (see below) as well.

Finally, you can wire your amp in parallel or series to increase output capability depending on how many channels it has. When wiring an amplifier in parallel, power will be distributed after the voltage is divided up between all of the connected speakers. To wire an amplifier in series, power will be distributed directly to each speaker without dividing it up first.

Monoblock car amplifiers are very powerful pieces of equipment that can produce massive amounts of bass if you wire them correctly (see below). However, they do require special care and attention to ensure proper installation for the best overall sound quality.

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4. What is a monoblock Class D amplifier?

Ans: A monoblock Class D amplifier is just one configuration for a power amplifier in the Class D family of amplifiers. The term “monoblock” is used by laypeople to call any amplifier that consists of only one part, but the use of this term should not be confused with its use in electronics.

Class-D amplifiers are classified as switching-type amplifiers. In other words, they switch on and off at high frequencies which allows them to conserve energy when no signal is present and also helps keep fan noise minimal due to the lower current drawn while active.

They require a filter function to block out DC voltage from being outputted at standby mode or under mute conditions. A typical ‘basic’ Class D amp has only one amplifier block, so it sounds like they may be monoblock.

5. What is Class A/B Monoblock Amplifier?

A Class A/B Monoblock Amplifier is a type of amplifier that incorporates both the Class A and Class B amplification modes. The amplifier operates in Class AB mode when it is producing lower power output, but switches to Class A mode as the signal approaches peak power.

6. Is monoblock a good amplifier?

Answer: Monoblock is a good amplifier if the two channels are about the same. If you have one channel that’s 2 times stronger than another, it won’t work properly because it will only amplify the stronger signal to double strength while not being able to amplify the weaker signal at all.

monoblock amp may be called for when using 4-ohm speakers in order to drive their output voltage below 0.5V, but should never be used with 8-ohm speakers.

A stack of dual amps can overcome this limitation because each amplifier handles half of an input waveform which effectively doubles its power for twice as many watts, but it may still lack enough power in some circumstances due to managing only one input and left needs more watts.

Is Mono Amplifier better than 2-channels Amplifier?

Answer: Mono Amplifier is better than 2-channels amplifier because it can send power into one speaker to produce a louder sound.

7. Can You Bridge a Mono Amplifier?

Answer: Bridge a mono amp to stereo? No way. A mono preamp has only one channel and cannot be bridged. However, if you have an amp with 2 channels, the inability to amplify both channels from one amplifier is not a problem! Two amps plugged in parallel will work just fine for this setup.


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