Do you love the sound of bass and want to connect your car subwoofer with wireless technology? Many people do, and that’s why a Bluetooth subwoofer for your car can be a great addition. Not only will it give you great sounding music, but it can also add some extra power to your driving experience. But with so many different options on the market, how do you know which one is right for you?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. In this article, We’ll also give you some things to consider before making your purchase. In this post, we’ll take a look at 7 of the best Bluetooth subwoofers for your car we’ll also talk about what to look for when buying a Bluetooth subwoofer and recommend a few of our favorites.

We’ll also give you some tips on how to set up, and use your Bluetooth subwoofer in your car. So whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced car audio enthusiast, read on for the info you need to choose the perfect Bluetooth subwoofer for your vehicle.

What is Bluetooth Subwoofer for Car? A Bluetooth subwoofer is a wireless speaker that you can connect to your car stereo. It gives you the freedom to move around and doesn’t require any wires or cables. Bluetooth subwoofers are great for people who want to upgrade their car audio without spending a lot of money.

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In this post, we are going to give you an overview of the best Bluetooth subwoofers for car audio in the market that are designed for car audio systems. We will also describe their features and benefits so that you can make an informed decision when buying them.


The JBL’s BassPro Go is the ultimate in-home and outing entertainment system. With its powerful 100W amplifier, this bass speaker delivers exceptional sounds that will make any music lover happy – without having to worry about range or distortion issues like other speakers on today’s market!

The wireless Bluetooth streaming makes it convenient for when you want complete freedom from wires; while adjustable audio settings let users customize their preferred loudness level so they can enjoy every minute of listening time safely at maximum volume levels (with extra safety features included).

It also has a portable and rechargeable battery that provides up to 8 hours of playback, making it perfect for long road trips or days spent at the beach. Plus you can use this handy speaker in your car’s cigarette lighter socket so that when you get low on juice just whip out your phone!

This versatile device produces great sound with ease thanks to its affordability- which makes giving one as a gift all year round easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Overall,  the  JBL BassPro Go is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality subwoofer and Bluetooth speaker in one device. With its superior sound quality, easy-to-use design, and reasonable price, it’s sure to be a hit with anyone who loves great music.


  • It has a powerful 100W amplifier
  • The audio quality is excellent
  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s very affordable
  • The built-in battery provides up to 8 hours of playback


  • It can only be charged via the car battery
  • The sound might be too much for some people

Sample Customer Reviews: “Perfect if you want to add just a bit of bass to your car stereo. Not going to shake the windows off but enough to even out the mids. The only downfall is that there is no a way to plug in the speaker to charge it if it’s out of your car. Had it professionally installed at Best Buy for $150?”


The Kenwood’s KSC-PSW8 is a 250 watt maximum power, under seat subwoofer enclosure that delivers superb sound quality in an efficient and compact design. The Class D amplifier provides 150 watts RMS of reliable bass for any occasion – it will make your music come alive like never before!

This subwoofer comes with a remote control, which allows you to adjust its volume and bass level easily. You will be able to hear every low-end frequency without any distortion because of the 35 Hz – 150Hz range’s sensitivity rating!

The included functions also come in handy when listening at home or on your commute into work; they allow for easy switching between radio stations using just one button press each time rather than reaching across the driver’s seat and looking down while driving from behind safely balanced traffic.

So, If you’re looking for an under seat subwoofer that delivers great sound quality and power, the Kenwood KSC-PSW8 is a great option.

Overall, the Kenwood KSC-PSW8 is a great under seat subwoofer that delivers amazing sound quality and power. The Class D amplifier provides 150 watts RMS of power, making it perfect for adding some extra bass to your music.


  • It has a Class D amplifier which provides 150 watts RMS of power
  • The frequency response is 35-150 Hz
  • It has a remote control for easy volume and subwoofer level adjustment
  • It’s compact and takes up little space
  • It delivers great sound quality


  • Some people may find the bass too overwhelming
  • It did not come with a warranty

Sample Customer Reviews: “I installed this in my 1996 Ford Ranger extended cab in about 15-20 minutes. It is very easy to install. I use a Kenwood Excelon head unit and door speakers so I already had very good sound quality, but this powered sub really brought it together.

The sound quality is great and it delivers plenty of punch for my taste, I actually only turn the volume on the amp up to about half at the most. You’re probably not going to rattle windows next door with it, but if you’re looking to put together a powerful, clean sounding stereo system I totally recommend this product.”


The JBL Basspro Micro is the perfect solution for those who want to experience rich, deep bass without sacrificing sound quality. This powerful yet lightweight system contains an 8" powered subwoofer that provides superior sounds and offers 140 watts RMS output power with a 35 Hz – 120Hz frequency range making it ideal in any vehicle!

The product also includes car audio adapters so installation will be easy no matter what type of music you love listening too! The CAR audio system is a must have for people who love to drive.

This subwoofer has been designed with high-quality driver and outputting chipset, which will give you clear sound quality in your car without sacrificing any style or elegance!

Its compact size also allows it to be easily portable so that storing away isn’t much work at all – just unbox it one day then plug it into outlet another when needed! It has sleek black finish ensures this processor won’t interfere with how well cars integrate aesthetically onto beautiful vehicles.

So if you’re looking for a powerful and compact subwoofer system that can give you the best sound quality for your car audio system, then the JBL Basspro Micro is the perfect choice for you.

Overall,  the JBL Basspro Micro is an excellent subwoofer system that provides great sound quality and power. It is easy to install and use, and it comes with a car audio adapter for easy installation in your vehicle. It also has a compact design that makes it easy to store and transport.


  • It has a power output of 140 watts RMS.
  • It has a frequency response of 35-120 Hz.
  • It includes an 8" powered subwoofer for superior sound quality.
  • It comes with a car audio adapter for easy installation.
  • It has a compact design.


  • Some users find the sound quality to be lacking.
  • It is not wireless.

Sample Customer Reviews: “Very cool, Fits perfect between the rear captain seats in my Hyundai Palisade. Significantly helped the low end sound. Very good product. Wish the remote was included.”


The DOSS SoundBox XL Bluetooth Speaker is a powerful speaker that delivers clear sound in both indoor or outdoor environments. It has an impressive 20W driver with Digital Signal Processing technology for true stereo playback, delivering rich bass response without distortion on either side of the frequency range; plus it comes equipped to handle loud volumes!

This all conveniently fits into one compact device thanks to its 12Wh battery life. With its sleek design and durable construction, the DOSS SoundBox XL is a great addition to any home and vehicle.

With two speakers able be paired together or doubled up for stereo mode; this device promises hours of music playtime on one charge! In just 3-4 charges you’ll have 10 full hrs’ worth’s streaming your favorite tunes through these quality cones (that are also approved by kids!). The lightweight battery ensures easy to transport anywhere throughout every room of your house.

Overall, the DOSS SoundBox XL is a great Bluetooth speaker that offers excellent sound quality and a long battery life. It’s also easy to use and comes with a variety of features that make it a great choice for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • It has a 20W driver and DSP technology
  • The 12W subwoofer gives it a good bass.
  • It can play for 10 hours at 50% volume.
  • You can pair two of them together for stereo sound.
  • It has a sleek design and is durable.


  • It doesn’t have a built-in microphone
  • The sound quality isn’t as good as some of the other Bluetooth speakers on the market.

Sample Customer Reviews: “I have been searching for a bigger Bluetooth boom box for a long time…I keep reading mediocre reviews, then I saw this one. I have the smaller version with no separate bass speaker. It’s a really great remote box but just didn’t have the heft needed.

I decided to try this one and it absolutely rocks. You can play it in a crowded backyard setting and blow the roof off. I couldn’t be happier.”


The Audiotek 10 Inches 400 Watts Peak Power / 200 Wal RMS Slim Under-Seat Active Car Audio Box Trunk Subwoofer is a perfect addition to any car audio system. It features an easy install and low profile which allow it to be hidden from view when not in use, while its slim design makes sure that you get the most out of your music with enhanced bass response!

The bass of this subwoofer is so deep and booming it will shake your room to its foundation! It also comes equipped with an adjustable input sensitivity selector, and power LED for when you need extra illumination in low light conditions or if something goes wrong during setup.

And lastly, there’s a 0 – +12dB boost that lets every song sound just how they were meant too-even those pesky lows can be restored thanks to perseverance via variable gain control. This product is the perfect way to get that extra oomph in your music without sacrificing space or money!

Overall, the Audiotek 10 Inch 400 Watts Peak Power / 200 Watts RMS Slim Under-Seat Active Power Audio Car/Truck Angle Trunk Box Subwoofer is a great addition to any car audio system. It is easy to install and provides plenty of power for even the most demanding bass heads.


  • It has a peak power of 400 watts
  • The compact design makes it easy to install
  • It features a high-level input of 1V-8V and a low-level input of 0.1-6V
  • It has variable input gain control and adjustable input sensitivity selector
  • It allows you to add up to +12dB of extra bass.


  • Some users have found that the subwoofer is not as loud as they would like.
  • The included instructions are not very clear.

Sample Customer Reviews: “This thing is great, never had one of the slim under seat models before so didn’t know if what I was getting would be worth it. But this thing genuinely sounds amazing for 200-watt RMS 10-inch. A great deal for the price tbh really was not expecting it to sound as good as it does.”


The DOSS Sound Box XL 32W Bluetooth Speaker Bundle is a great way to get amazing sound in your car. The E-go II portable speakers deliver stunning quality with enhanced bass, tight mids, and crystal clear highs without distortion at any volume!

Plus they come completely equipped for hands-free calling so you can talk on the phone while driving too – perfect when there’s only one person who knows how important this purchase really was.

The DOSS SoundBox XL Bluetooth Speaker is perfect for any outdoor or indoor event. It’s made with special fabric that protects it from water, sand, and dust while its durable silicone housing will keep the speaker shock resistant! This 20W driver means stereo sound completely rich bass tight mids crystal clear highs – all delivered by a powerful but sophisticated technology called “DSP”.

This DOSS SoundBox XL 32W Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Bundle is the perfect solution for cars and homeowners who are looking to amplify their home and traveling audio experience with thunderous bass. This bundle includes two powerful speakers that can be wirelessly connected so you’ll never miss out on an awesome party again!

Overall, the DOSS SoundBox XL 32W Bluetooth Speaker Bundle is an excellent way to get great sound in your car. The E-go II portable speakers deliver stunning quality with enhanced bass, tight mids, and crystal clear highs without distortion at any volume!


  • It has a very powerful 20W driver
  • It’s made with special fabric that protects it from water, sand, and dust.
  • Its durable silicone housing will keep the speaker shock resistant.
  • It comes with a built-in microphone
  • It has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 12 hours.


  • It’s not as portable as some of the other Bluetooth speakers on this list.
  • It’s a bit more expensive than some of the other options.


The BOSS Audio Systems MC900B is an excellent choice for those looking for a powerful and versatile amplifier. With 500 watts of output power, it can handle anything from powering speakers to subwoofers- plus there’s no need to worry about Bluetooth connectivity or charging cables when using this device!

In addition, its remote-controlled design makes streaming your music wirelessly easy as well; all without missing out on any audio quality thanks in large part due to how compact size allows even more mobility than before.

The BOSS Amplifier is a Class AB amplifier that can be used to power your speakers and subwoofers. This weatherproof design means you don’t need to worry about taking it out in light rain or snow without worrying if the device will work properly when returning home from an outdoor event with this setup!

The Platinum Online Dealer Warranty also ensures year’s worth of repairs should anything happen during its time owning us, making installation top priority so sound quality never suffered because someone didn’t know how savvy they were handling electronics

Overall,  the BOSS Audio Systems MC900B Amplifier is a great choice for anyone looking for a versatile and powerful amplifier. With 500 watts of power, Bluetooth streaming, and a weatherproof design, it has everything you need to enjoy your music indoors or out.

If you want to know about car amplifiers that have Bluetooth here is the guide.


  • It has high power output of 500 watts
  • It is weatherproof and can be used in ATVs and boats
  • It has a Bluetooth remote control for streaming music wirelessly
  • It has a USB charging port to keep your devices charged
  • It comes with a 6-year Platinum Online Dealer Warranty


  • Needs professional installation for best results
  • May not work well with very large audio systems

Sample Customer Reviews: “I wasn’t sure how this would perform by some of the reviews but since installing this amp in a boat and using it to power 2 pairs of BOSS MRWT40’s. It does well. Your expectations should be within reason. This does do exactly what we asked of it.

Plenty loud with 4 speakers attached while out on the water. I do stress that you will not be winning competitions but it’s nice. Bluetooth connects and works flawlessly. This thing has a tiny footprint so if you’re tight on space this will work.”


This article talks about how many people prefer wireless options for their car audio systems. When it comes to subwoofers, the bigger ones need an external amplifier to work properly. But smaller subwoofers often have a built-in amplifier.

If you have an amplifier that doesn’t have wireless features, you can still make it wireless by buying an amplifier with a built-in Bluetooth adapter. It’s not hard to set up and it will work with your car audio system. This article will give you some good options for Bluetooth subwoofers you can install in your car.

Subwoofers come in different types: some are big and need to be set up separately, some are small and can fit in tight spaces like under a seat, and some are portable and can be moved around in or outside the car.

If you have a standalone subwoofer, you just need to connect it to a 4-channel or 3-channel amplifier. In this article, we’ll talk about Bluetooth kits that come with a built-in amplifier for both types of subwoofers.


There are many things to keep in mind when choosing the best Bluetooth subwoofer for your car. Let’s  go over a few of the most important things to consider:


One of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing a Bluetooth subwoofer for your car is the sound quality. You want to make sure that the subwoofer you choose can provide clear, rich, and powerful sound. There are a few things to look for when considering the sound quality of a Bluetooth subwoofer, such as frequency response, wattage, and sensitivity.


The frequency response is the range of frequencies that a subwoofer can reproduce. The human ear can hear frequencies between 20Hz and 20kHz, so you’ll want to make sure that your subwoofer has a frequency response that falls within this range. A wider frequency response will result in better sound quality.


The wattage of a subwoofer indicates how much power it can handle. A higher wattage means that the subwoofer can handle more power and will therefore be able to produce louder and cleaner sound.


Sensitivity is a measure of how much sound a subwoofer can produce from a given amount of power. A higher sensitivity rating means that the subwoofer is more efficient and will require less power to produce the same amount of sound as a subwoofer with a lower sensitivity rating.


Impedance is a measure of how much resistance an electrical circuit gives to the flow of an alternating current (AC). It is measured in ohms and affects the performance of audio equipment, including speakers and amplifiers. The lower the impedance, the easier it is for current to flow, which can result in louder sound.

However, using speakers with lower impedance than recommended can damage the equipment. It is important to match the impedance of speakers and amplifiers to ensure optimal performance and prevent damage.


The size of the subwoofer is another important consideration. You’ll want to make sure that the subwoofer you choose will fit in the space you have available. Some subwoofers are designed to be installed in a specific location, such as under a seat or in the trunk, while others are more versatile and can be installed in a variety of locations.


Installation isn’t as easy or straightforward when installing a subwoofer yourself, but it can be done with some help from an expert. If you’re not confident in your abilities to install the product yourself then make sure that they are designed for installation by nonprofessionals like homeowners!


Enclosure type refers to the design and construction of the box that contains a speaker or subwoofer. There are different types of enclosures, including sealed, ported, and bandpass enclosures.

Each type affects the performance and sound of the speaker or subwoofer. Sealed enclosures are airtight and provide tight, accurate bass. Ported enclosures have a hole or port that allows air to escape, resulting in louder bass.

Bandpass enclosures use a combination of sealed and ported designs to create a unique sound. Choosing the right enclosure type depends on personal preference, the type of music being played, and the equipment being used.


When it comes to subwoofers, you generally get what you pay for. A higher-priced subwoofer will usually offer better sound quality and durability than a lower-priced model. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, so it’s important to read reviews before making your purchase.


When you’re spending this much on a sound system, it’s important to know what kind of warranty protection is included. Most subwoofers come with one year but some companies offer extended warranties for an additional cost – so make sure that any purchase suits all your needs before committing!


Compatibility with a car’s audio system refers to the ability of a speaker, subwoofer, or other audio equipment to work properly with the car’s existing sound system. This includes factors such as impedance, power handling, and signal inputs.

It is important to choose equipment that is compatible with the car’s audio system to ensure optimal performance and prevent damage. Some car audio systems may require additional adapters or wiring to connect new equipment.

It is recommended to consult a professional or the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure compatibility before purchasing and installing new audio equipment in a car.


If you’re looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker, it’s important to know which Bluetooth version it uses to connect. Bluetooth v1 is old and hardly used, but Bluetooth v2.1 is still common today. There’s also Bluetooth v4.0 which has the EDR profile that improves the sound quality of Bluetooth speakers.

So, it’s important to check the Bluetooth version when buying a speaker to make sure it’s compatible with your other devices and has good sound quality.


Stereo sound means you hear different sounds from different directions which adds depth to music and other sounds. However, portable wireless speakers may not be able to produce stereo sound because they are designed to be small and compact.;

For proper stereo sound, there needs to be a minimum distance between drivers, which is difficult to achieve with small speakers. Most portable speakers only have one driver which makes it hard to reproduce stereo sound.

Some newer and expensive speakers can produce stereo sound using just one driver, but it’s important to check before purchasing.


Bluetooth speakers can have extra features that make them more enjoyable to use, although they’re not necessary. These features can include:


As we mentioned earlier, Bluetooth speakers can’t produce stereo sound. However, some speakers allow you to connect multiple devices together to create stereo sound. You can even create your own 5.1 Bluetooth setup by connecting 4 speakers and a subwoofer.


Some Bluetooth speakers may have a USB port which allows you to charge your phone or other media player using the speaker’s battery. This can be helpful if your phone doesn’t have a charger or if you don’t have enough space at your outlet to charge it. You can just use the USB port on the Bluetooth speaker to charge your device.


If you plan on taking your Bluetooth speaker to the pool or beach, it’s important to check if it has waterproofing.


A Bluetooth speakerphone is a feature that allows you to make calls or communicate with others via a microphone. It can be useful if you plan to use your speaker in places like the pool or while cooking.

Even if you don’t use it in those situations, it’s still a great feature to have because it lets you talk to friends or family without using your hands, especially if you are gaming or busy with other activities.


When you listen to music at high volume, it uses up a lot of battery. If you plan on using your speaker for a long time, you need to ensure it has an extended battery life. If you’re using it at home, you can plug it into an outlet so you don’t have to worry about the battery life.

However, if you plan on taking your speaker on a camping trip or a long journey, make sure it has a battery life of at least 4 to 5 hours.


NFC or Near Field Communication is a technology that allows you to pair your phone with the Bluetooth speaker by simply tapping them together. This is a convenient and quick way to connect your devices and start playing music without the need for manual pairing.


This post is mainly about Bluetooth speakers, but some models still have a 3.5mm input jack. This means you can connect them to older devices like the iPod Classic. Bluetooth speakers are great for streaming music from your phone, but if you want to use them with older devices, you’ll need a 3.5mm aux cable.


You may be wondering what type of car audio system you’ll need to make the most out of this new subwoofer. Before anything else, figure out how much money is allocated for your budget and choose accordingly from one or more options available in terms on pricing range – there’s no point going overboard if something isn’t within reach!


A Bluetooth subwoofer is a great addition to any car, providing extra bass and volume that can greatly improve the sound quality of your music. There are many benefits to using a Bluetooth subwoofer in your car, including:


A Bluetooth subwoofer can provide a significant boost to the overall sound quality of your car stereo system. The extra bass and volume can make a huge difference, making your music sound richer and fuller.


With a Bluetooth subwoofer, you have the freedom to place it wherever you want in your car. This allows you to get the best possible sound quality, regardless of the size or layout of your vehicle.


Bluetooth subwoofers are typically very easy to install, and can be done in a matter of minutes. In most cases, all you need is a power source and an audio input.


With a Bluetooth subwoofer, you don’t have to worry about dealing with tangled wires or messy installations. Everything is wireless, so you can simply enjoy your music without any hassle.


Bluetooth subwoofers are very affordable, and are a great way to improve the sound quality of your car stereo system without breaking the bank.


Installing a Bluetooth subwoofer in your car can enhance your audio experience while driving. Here are the general steps to follow for installation:


You will need a Bluetooth subwoofer, a power cable, a ground wire, an audio cable, and a fuse holder.


Find a suitable location for the subwoofer in your car. This could be in the trunk, under a seat, or in a spare tire well. Make sure the location is easily accessible.


Connect the power cable to the car battery and run it to the location of the subwoofer. Use a fuse holder to protect the subwoofer from electrical damage.


Attach the ground wire to a metal surface close to the subwoofer location. This will ensure proper grounding.


Connect the audio cable to the subwoofer input and the audio output on the car stereo. Make sure the connection is tight and secure.


Turn on the car stereo and test the subwoofer to make sure it’s working correctly.


Pair your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled device with the subwoofer to start streaming audio wirelessly.

Note: These steps are general guidelines, and the specific installation process may vary depending on your car and subwoofer model. It’s recommended to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for detailed installation steps.

Additionally, if you’re not familiar with car electrical systems, it’s best to have a professional install the subwoofer for you.


The main reason to buy a Bluetooth speaker or a Bluetooth car kit is for safety while driving. The National Safety Council has reported that a significant number of car crashes are caused by drivers using cell phones.

This means that having a Bluetooth device in your car that enables hands-free calls can help prevent accidents and save lives. Distracted driving, such as talking on the phone or texting while driving, has become a major concern and can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence.

By using a Bluetooth speaker or car kit, you can stay connected without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road.

In addition to safety concerns, it’s important to know that many US states prohibit talking on the phone and texting while driving. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 16 states have banned hand-held cell phone use while driving, and 47 states have banned texting while driving.

Only Arizona, Montana, and Missouri (for those under 21) don’t have laws against texting. If caught, you could face fines or even jail time. Therefore, it’s wise to invest in a Bluetooth car kit or a Bluetooth car speaker/speakerphone. By doing so, you’ll save money, follow the law, and most importantly, save lives.

Note: Using hands-free calls while driving may not be as safe as you think. In fact, it can be just as dangerous as talking on a handheld phone while driving. Although you may have both hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road, your mind may not be entirely focused on driving. We will provide more information on this topic and recommend some resources for further reading later on.


Q:1 Are Bluetooth subwoofers good?

A: Yes, Bluetooth subwoofers are a great way to add bass to your music without the need for extra wires. They are simple to set up and can be used with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Q:2 Do Bluetooth subwoofers exist?

A: Yes, Bluetooth subwoofers are available from many different manufacturers.

Q:3 Can you Bluetooth a subwoofer to a car stereo?

A: Yes, you can! If your car stereo has an aux input, then you can use a Bluetooth adapter to connect your subwoofer wirelessly. Alternatively, if your car stereo has a USB port, you can use a Bluetooth transmitter that plugs into the USB port.

Q:4 Does a wireless subwoofer need to be plugged in?

A: No, a wireless subwoofer does not need to be plugged in. However, it will need to be charged periodically. Most wireless subwoofers come with a charging dock or cable.

Q:5 Can I pair a subwoofer to a Bluetooth speaker?

A: Yes, you can! If your Bluetooth speaker has a line-in (aux) port, then you can use a standard 3.5mm audio cable to connect your subwoofer. Instead of using a wire, you can also connect your Bluetooth speaker with an included USB cable. There are many different types available for sale online or in stores near me!


In conclusion, a Bluetooth subwoofer can greatly enhance your listening experience while on the go. It offers a convenient and wireless way to play your favorite music without the hassle of cords and wires.

When selecting the best Bluetooth subwoofer for your car, consider factors such as sound quality, compatibility with your car’s audio system, ease of installation, and additional features such as waterproofing and extended battery life.

With so many options available on the market, you can surely find a Bluetooth subwoofer that meets your needs and budget.

That’s all for now! We hope this article about the best Bluetooth subwoofer for car has been helpful in explaining what a Bluetooth subwoofer is and how to choose the best one for you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. And don’t forget to come back later as we’ll keep updating this post with the newest and greatest Bluetooth subwoofers available. Thank you for reading!