Are you looking for an amplifier to power your car speakers without any limitations? The Best 5 channel car amplifier is the perfect solution. It’s a great way to get more out of your music and enjoy it in all its glory. This amp has everything you need and nothing you don’t, so it’s easy to install and use right away.

You can even control the bass levels with this simple remote! Plus, there are plenty of options available that will ensure this amp fits perfectly into any setup.

The 5-channel car amplifier is a popular choice among car enthusiasts who want to experience high-quality sound while driving. It can power a complete set of front and rear component speakers, as well as a powerful subwoofer, providing an exceptional listening experience.

Best 5 channel car amplifiers: When you want more from your music, choose the Best 5 channel car amplifier today! With all these features at such an affordable price, why would anyone settle for less? Don’t wait for another second – Read our complete buying guide and reviews to make your decision easy and perfect according to your taste and requirements!

Below are some of the best 5-channel car amplifiers available for any vehicle:


A 5 channel car amplifier is a multi-channel amplifier that works in a car audio system that has up to 5 channels. So you can have the tweeters connected to one channel, the front speakers connected two, and also the rear speakers connected to their own channel. They are basically amplifiers with more than one set of speaker outputs so that they can work in more than one location.


The use of multichannel car amplifiers is growing day by day. Because of the popularity and demand for car audio, there is a wide range of models to fit any budget. They come in different shapes and sizes, so you can get the right amp for your car.

The function is simple- each channel can power a single speaker, so if you have four speakers, then you need at least a 4 channel amplifier! Car amplifiers generally don’t use more than 5 channels because they aren’t required. There has been a growing trend towards powering multiple speakers with one channel though.

Which reduces the number of amps needed overall while still providing amazing sound quality! However, some people prefer using separate amps for their entire system for reasons such as:

  • It allows them to control individual levels of each speaker\
  • They can get a stronger, cleaner signal from splitting the audio into multiple amps If you prefer having a single amp powering all your speakers, then a 5-channel is perfect for you!


When choosing an amplifier, one thing you always want to do is match the output of the amp to the speakers it will power. The number of channels on an amplifier corresponds to the number of speakers it can support, and therefore how many speakers your system will have.

For most systems with fairly standard four surround sound speakers powering a 5.1 or stereo sound system, 5-channel amps are the standard.


First of all, you don’t need to worry about the number of channels the amp has because the type of vehicle and speaker setup doesn’t matter! Just make sure it can handle the speakers you want to use, that way you know it will work for your system.

A 5-channel amp is also best for people who are looking to simplify their audio setup. Instead of needing multiple amps for each individual setup, which can be expensive and difficult to install, a single amp powers everything at once! Plus, you won’t have extra wires running through your car either.

If this sounds like what you’re after then there are lots of models available that provide amazing sound quality with an easy installation process. There is also a wide range of amps to choose from, so you’re sure to get the right model for your car and budget!


There are a few different types of 5-channel amps, so let’s go over them so you know what will work for you.

Class D:

This type of amp is the most popular and well-known because they provide amazing power with great sound quality! They are known for having very powerful, efficient digital processing which allows you to get better sound without using too much power or damaging your speakers.

In addition to that, they have a slim design which makes them easier to fit in tight spaces.

Plus, they can also last longer than other models due to how efficient they are! So if you want a 5-channel model that works well and saves space at the same time, then a class D is perfect for you.

Class A/B:

These models are more traditional, but they can still provide amazing sound! Although they produce less power overall because the signal has to pass through more components, these amps produce a very accurate & clean sound.

They are known for not distorting the music even at high volumes, which makes them perfect for someone who is looking to get pure audio quality.

Although class A/Bs are not as popular or efficient as Class Ds and require more power and space than other types, they can still be used in a system! So if you want an amp that provides great sound and simplicity then a class A/B is for you.


As far as we know this type of model hasn’t been around long, but it’s starting to gain popularity. A hybrid amp combines the best features of Class A/B with Class D amps, which allows them to output a high quality audio signal while also being efficient and providing lots of power!

That means you get all the benefits of both types in one simple model, so if you want something that is innovative, unique, and let’s be honest – looks pretty cool then a hybrid is right for you.


When you have known that what types of amps are available, let’s talk about why they’re good for your system.


A 5 channel car amplifier is generally small, compact, and quite easy to fit in tight spaces. Considering that it can be installed on your own without any special tools, even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy or well-versed in DIY, you should have no problem fitting it. Even better, you can use that time to spend with your loved ones or fulfill your other engagements.


A 5 channel car amplifier is also easy to control, and this means that you won’t have any difficulties operating it once it’s installed. While the level of power that a mono block can generate is superior, you’ll discover that a 5 channel car amplifier has almost the same level of performance.


It’s pretty impressive to have all the sound equipment you need in just one device. And the good news is, it’s easy to do with a 5 channel amp. They’re better because they save space, use less power, and cost less. So if you don’t want to deal with multiple amps to get the sound you want, a 5 channel amp is the best choice for you.


5-channel amps are an affordable way to drive more than one set of speakers in your car or truck by utilizing your existing factory radio. When you consider the cost of a complete aftermarket receiver and speakers, this becomes an even more attractive way to upgrade your sound system.


Most 5-channel amps come with multiple power and speaker level inputs making installation easier than ever before. This can be very helpful if upgrading from a factory radio to an aftermarket receiver that lacks RCA outputs to connect rear speakers.

5-channel amps will provide the wiring you need to connect your new aftermarket receiver with little or no modification needed.


When a Class D and A/B amp technology are combined, 5-channel amps produce excellent results. They make sound output cleaner, reduce background noise, and make music waves more defined. This makes them very efficient and effective.


Many factory radios have preamp outputs to tap into your existing sound system for use with amplifiers or signal processors. These preamp outputs usually consist of a set of RCA jacks on the back of the radio. If you are looking to drive more than one set of speakers, but don’t want to replace the factory radio, a 5-channel amp is your solution.

Also, depending on your budget and requirements, choosing a 5 channel car amplifier over a single-channel unit will be the right choice for you. Compared to installing two or more separate units, this one presents an excellent value for your money, and it can save you a lot of time on the installation.


The first reason is power, especially for those going all out with their sound system or who want one go-to amplifier to handle a lot of different speakers in their system. Because they use 5 channels instead of two or three, these types of amps have substantially more wattage available per speaker.

This means that one amp can run almost any combination of front and rear speakers in a car. 5-channel amps can typically run multiple fronts and rear speakers, plus a subwoofer (a 2-ohm load for each speaker) – depending on the wattage available and size of your speakers this much power usually either takes up less space or provides more power than using multiple amplifiers for different components.


Another benefit is that these types of amplifiers take up almost no extra room at all compared to a traditional two or 3 channel amp. A car amplifier with 5 channels is also likely to be smaller than an equivalent four-channel amplifier as well, which means that you don’t need as large of an amplifier rack and can put that extra money into the speakers instead!


Overall these types of amplifiers deliver perfect performance every time; five channels means less resistance, which usually results in better sound quality as well as reduced distortion compared to systems running off four or 3 channel amplifiers.

In short, a 5-channel amplifier is a great option for those looking to simplify things, get better quality sound from their system, and still have the power necessary to run multiple speakers. Also, they don’t take up nearly as much room in your car, which means that if you’re someone who likes customizing your ride you won’t be sacrificing space. With all of these benefits added together, it’s no wonder that today’s top car amplifiers are 5-channels!


  1. Polk Audio’s PA D5000.5 RMS 900W
  2. Rockford Fosgate Punch P1000X5 1000 Watt
  3. Alpine PDR-V75 5 Channel Digital Amplifier
  4. Planet Audio AC1800.5 1800 watts
  5. Kenwood Kac-M8005 1600 watts
  6. BOSS Audio Systems PV3700 3700 watts
  7. Hifonics BRX5016.5 Brutus Class-A/B
  8. Memphis Audio VIV900.5 SixFive Series
  9. Kicker 46CXA6605 1200 watts
  10. Soundstream RN5.2000D Rubicon Nano 2000W
  11. NVX VAD11005 1100W Full Range
  12. Soundstream PN5.640D Picasso Nano 640 W
  13. JVC KS-DR3005D 1000 Watt
  14. Rockford Fosgate’s R2-750X5 750W

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Now let’s dive in for 5 channel amp reviews for the best selection.


Polk Audio’s PA D5000.5 is a sophisticated, marine-rated amplifier with high performance and numerous features that make it ideal for use in boats and other marine applications. This 5-channel amp provides 100 watts RMS x 4 at 2 ohms, plus 400 watts of power to drive one subwoofer (2 ohms).

The unit includes a low-pass filter on the front channels with variable 50 Hz to 250 Hz crossover points, while the rear channels provide full range output. High-speed MOSFET switching power supplies to ensure maximum efficiency with minimal distortion.

The PA D5000.5 is protected against short circuits, over current, thermal overload, and high-voltage input via a sophisticated internal design.

The amplifier includes an adjustable 12dB/octave electronic crossover that can be configured for 2-, 3- or 4-way configurations along with the option of full range out of the rear channels when not in use for a dedicated subwoofer system.

A variable bass boost at 45 Hz provides more control over your subwoofer performance, while dual signal level indicator lights are included on the front panel to monitor incoming signals from either channel of the source unit without having to turn your stereo “off” while adjusting settings.

Using this latest technology, Polk Audio’s new PA Series amplifiers are designed to drive the most difficult speaker loads, even when connected to today’s high-performance factory or aftermarket radios.

You can use a pin connector to connect speakers.


  • The sound is very good, and it is a great bass. The highs are also clear
  • This unit is small but very strong
  • There was no hissing during the songs


  • The sub control knob is rather imprecise

Sample Customer Review:

“Lots of power to run my front Focal components and rear Focal coaxials, along with a small sub. Ill be upgrading to a 10” DVC JL Audio sub soon…so this amplifier will really get a test to see if it can handle doing it all at once. So far so good, lots of power, maybe even more than I need. It’s good to have the subwoofer knob up near the dashboard since bass varies from song to song. No complaints, really happy with my first Polk Audio amplifier."


In Rockford Fosgate 5 channel amps the Rockford Fosgate’s Punch P1000X5 1000 Watt brings together the finest in noise and distortion canceling technology C.L.E.A.N. (Calibrated Level Eliminates Audible Noise) to give car audio enthusiasts a compact, efficient and powerful way to pump up their system.

The unit comes with variable 12dB/Octave Butterworth crossovers for the front and rear channels, and a subsonic filter with adjustable low-pass crossover for the subwoofer channel.

The size of the car amplifier is very important because you can choose it depending on the size of your car. The amplifier is 21 x 11.5 x 6 inches in size. Rockford Fosgate’s Punch P1000X5 car amplifier needs 1 12V battery.

Fosgate’s Punch EQ system on this amplifier allows you to make fine adjustments to your sound giving you greater control over your system. The front panel controls include Peak indicators to let you know when the amplifier is clipping and protection LEDs that light up if your speakers ever get shorted out.

The Punch P1000X5’s chassis is designed for optimum heat dissipation, so you can push it as hard as you like without having to worry about overheating issues. Keeping with the car audio tradition, this amplifier also comes with a full 1-year warranty.

This amplifier is a 5 channel amplifier with 4 way inputs. It has 1 set of RCA input and 3 sets of speaker level input. This means you can connect your head unit to the RCA inputs and connect multiple other speakers like full range speakers, tweeters, and crossovers to the speaker level inputs.

I am very satisfied with the 5 channel input because I have a subwoofer, 2 front speakers, and 1 rear speaker. So all of them are connected the correct way via the correct inputs.

This amplifier has an amazing frequency range. The lows can go as low as 10 Hz and highs 120 kHz (160 x 4 @ 4 Ohms), which is more than enough for me! It is also very efficient because it has a MOSFET power supply.

This amplifier has the following outputs: 4 x 300 watts @ 2 Ohms, 2 x 600 watts @ 4 Ohms, 1 x 1000 watts @ 4 Ohm bridged and 1 x 180 watts to subwoofer. This makes this amplifier very versatile because you can connect multiple speakers (from 2-4 Ohms) and of different power ratings. However, the highest output is only 1000 watts, but this is more than enough for most speakers under 600 watts.


  • Easily exceed its rated output by 400 watts
  • Rear, and sub channel all each have a light indicator( for peak output)
  • Ultra-compact design is good because it takes up less space.


  • NO bass knob( Purchase it separately)

Sample Customer Review:

“Powering 2-10” JL subs and 4 – 5×7" speakers in my F150. The setup is super easy with the clip indicators and really allows you to control the proper levels to avoid distortion. Power wise my birth sheet rates the amp much higher then the listed wattage. Actual watts are well over 100 for the 4 main channels and the sub channel is around 800 watts at 1 ohm (500 for 2 ohms).

Sound is clean all the way up to higher power levels, really powers an entire system with clean deep sound. I have tried other 5 channel amps and this is the most powerful and clean sounding one yet. You can reach levels that will really hurt your ears so don’t worry about not having a dedicated sub amp, this one pounds my 10w0s hard. No regrets."


Alpine PDR-V75 5 Channel Digital car Amplifier can deliver maximum power of 100 watts which is capable to produce high quality sound. It can be used in combination with any other Alpine amplifier or subwoofer to give the best sound experience without compromising bass.

The digital design of this amp reduces noise interference for better sound quality. It has a fully adjustable 12dB high and low pass crossover with separate level controls which can be adjusted with remote control or from the amp itself.

This amplifier is specially designed for car audio systems. The weight of this product is 7.04 pounds, and the dimension is 12.99 x 9.06 x 4.33 inches.

The rotatable illuminated Alpine badge of this product provides the flexibility to install it in any position according to your choice.

The CEA-2006 power ratings for this product include 100 watts RMS x 4 channels at 4 ohms and 1% THD+N, plus 200 watts RMS x 2 channels at 2 ohms.

This product is compatible with a remote bass knob. You can control the sound level from the amp itself.

The built-in crossover & bass EQ of this product provides flexibility for the front, rear, and subwoofer sound system.

This product features the voltage ON/OFF sensing design, which allows most OEM upgrades.

Alpine has used its own technology called “PDX” (Pure Direct Experience) in it that ensures that there is no noise interference while delivering a crystal clear sound. It has a remote control also that allows you to adjust volume, crossover and other functions from the front seat of your car.


  • Doesn’t overheat
  • Easy to tune
  • Subsonic filter gets rid of the unwanted bass
  • Small enough to fit under front passenger seat


  • Cover plate for adjustments is a little bit of pain
  • A little pricey due to high performance

Sample Customer Review:

“I bought this amp because I wanted something with a small footprint and enough power to push 4 Polk Audio 6.5 components and 2 10” MB Quart subs. All I can say is WOW!!! Alpine never disappoints. I’ve always used Alpine since 1996 in all of my vehicles and not a single one failed me. I also liked how this amp is small enough to fit under my front passenger seat."


Introducing the Planetary Audio AC1800.5, a powerful multi-channel car amplifier perfect for audiophiles in search of a full range stereo sound system that won’t break the bank! The AC1800.5 delivers up to 1800 watts of pure power across its 5 channels, offering robust amplification for high and low frequency sounds that will have your heart pounding.

This is a sleek and modern amplifier that offers a high degree of customization in order to achieve the optimal output for your listening experience. The front facing controls make it easy to use, allowing full control over the bass, treble, and gain settings from the front panel. Other notable features include speaker level inputs as well as a preamp output, which allows for even more flexibility.

Bridge channels for more power and flexibility

This amplifier comes equipped with two bridgeable 4 channel subwoofer outputs, allowing you to send the lower frequencies of your music on a dedicated track while maintaining three speakers on top. This is an excellent feature that allows users to customize their sound system in order to achieve optimal clarity and volume on all tracks.

Remote Subwoofer Control and Bass Boost

The remote subwoofer control included with the AC1800.5 is a great feature that allows you to add rhythm and depth to your music from the comfort of your own car or truck’s driver’s seat. Simply place the remote knob in an easily accessible location, run the cable back to the amplifier, and you’re ready to go.

Built-in Bass Boost technology

As an added touch, the AC1800.5 includes built-in Bass Boost technology for more variable low frequency control, giving you the option of adding light or heavy bass to your music with just a few simple adjustments on the front panel. Whether you are listening to R&B, hip hop, rock, or anything in between, this amplifier will give you the sound quality and power you need.

Variable Low and High Pass Crossover, Bass Boost

Experience pristine sound with outstanding clarity when you use the Variable Low and High Pass Crossovers of this Planetary Audio AC1800.5 multi-channel car amplifier! These are designed for flexibility in order to ensure that each channel is getting the optimal response across the audio spectrum.

Additionally, the Bass Boost function offers deep and powerful bass that will provide the perfect complement to your subwoofers!

Mosfet Power Supply

Planetary Audio’s AC1800.5 features a MOSFET power supply that guarantees stable power and audio performance even as your car battery depletes or fluctuates in voltage (when the engine is running). It also provides more efficient power use for longer playtime and higher wattage potential.

Precaution: Please be careful when setting your gain and bass levels.


  • Competition quality
  • Bass knob is made very nicely
  • Easy to control
  • Great standard sound


  • Control knob is a really cheap plastic

Sample Customer Review:

“Let me start with this thing is massive it was a little bit shocking and surprisingly heavy, with the lift properly warning sticker but if was packaged perfectly as was all the car audio I got from warehouse deal’s, it was replacing a Crunch 1000 watts x 4 which was more like 400 x 4 maybe but luckily the crossover switch on both sides developed shorts.

Which caused constant protect mode and the battery light would stay on I also have a Fosgate P 500+ watt mono amp and now with this amp the sound is more balanced and I no longer can max out the Kentwood radio volume, I have Kicker 6.5 K series components and Infinity 4×6’s, and Punch 12’s on the Fosgate amp,

I’m using the 5th channel of the planet Audio amp for 6.5 inch mid bass for the tight bass that was lacking a little and it sounds great and my battery light isn’t coming on now as a bonus and the only thing is you need a lot of space to own one or use it as a stand alone amp to run your entire setup which its more than capable of doing especially wired to 2 ohms, its Giant and the numbers stated are pretty accurate compared to a lot of brands, and I would guess that they are in the upper echelon of car amp makers or just below them.”


Kenwood KAC-M8005 5-channel power car amplifier comes with the voice of Kenwood. It has the ability to provide up to 980 watts of RMS power in 4 channel mode and up to 1440 watts of RMS power in the mono channel. The MOSFET PWM technology reduces noise interference, resulting in high stability without damage caused by distortions.

The noise is cut more than 50% compared with the previous model of 5-channel class D amplifiers, which you can get more clear and dynamic sound quality.

Without any manual operation, the speaker impedance automatically adjusts to 4 ohms as standard because this is the typical speaker used in car audio systems. So you can play your car sound system with those cheap-priced 4 ohm speakers and get the most out of it. You can use expensive 4-ohm speakers in this amplifier.

The KAC-M8005 5-channel power car amplifier is equipped with a faceplate having a brushed aluminum look. The stylish high quality aluminum front panel is scratch resistance and fingerprint proof so it will last for years to come.

The CEA-2006 definition is the “Certified Power Rating of an Amplifier”, it is a system of testing and measurement methods for mobile audio amplifiers. This gives you the same amount of power across all channels.

The more accurate this number, the better your system will perform at peak efficiency. You will want to look for amplifiers that display their power ratings in untrained ears called “RMS continuous power.”

The Kenwood KAC-M8005 is rated at 50 Watts RMS x 4 channels + 300 watts RMS x 1, with an 80 dBA signal-to-noise ratio when using CEA-2006 criteria.

This 5-channel power car amplifier provides music clarity with the most accurate sound quality at the highest power levels. It has an “ultra low noise” (ULN) design that prevents interference from low frequency, high current flow and other electrical components, all of which contribute to extra clear stereo sound quality.

A short circuit protection design protects the amplifier from damage due to a short circuit. This prevents the amplifier from possible damage and shut off automatically if it detects a short circuit or an overload condition.

The circuit design is very simple so that signal noise does not occur in the vehicle’s electrical system. The signal path is direct and short, that’s why the amplifier has low noise and good sound quality.


  • Crystal clean amplification
  • No distortion, great filters, and adjustments dials
  • No overheating issue except overloading
  • Loud enough to be heard for blocks


  • Little bit expensive

Sample Customer Review:

“Love this amp! Tons of power! I have it running 4 wake tower speakers and 2 10” kicker subs on my canam x3. Pretty water resistant too. No issues from spraying near it. It is BANGING loud! Don’t try to cowboy your working though. Follow the manual on impedance. It likes what it is recommended to run and nothing else."

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BOSS Audio Systems PV3700 5 Channel Car Amplifier is ideal for a wide array of music lovers who want to enjoy high quality sound, rich bass, and efficient power. This is a high-powered car amplifier that delivers an impressive 3700 watts output. It comes with 2 RCA preamp inputs for connecting additional amplifiers or other audio devices and features a direct connection that powers your subwoofers.

This rock-solid unit is enclosed in a sturdy, steel chassis with an integrated heat sink that ensures maximum durability. It also features 4-gauge power/ground connectors for superior power transfer.

This amazing car amplifier comes with instructions on how to hook it up correctly through your vehicle’s speakers. You will find this BOSS Audio Systems product very efficient and compact in size, enabling you to fit it in most car trunks. In fact, this product has a “take-your-amp-anywhere” design that is perfect for serious bass addicts and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Phantom Series Amplifiers have a cool red light that turns on when you turn the Amp on. When you turn it on it looks cool.

The PV 3700 features a MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors) power supply that quickly changes from full to no conduction. This is good because it is more efficient.

Class-A/B amplifiers have a special linear circuit that makes the sound better and louder and reduces distortion.

Automatic shut-off is a safety measure. If the amp gets too hot or if it has a short, the automatic shut-off will turn it off.


  • Charming red LED light for red glow on turning ON
  • Low price but a quality product with great features
  • Short Protection safety feature (for improper speaker connections etc.)
  • Massive volume and great looks


  • Little bit big in size (17 x 10.3 x 2.3 inches)

Sample Customer Review:

“This amp freakin rocks! I have it in a Toyota camry, and it’s pushing 6.5” front speakers, 6×9" rear speakers and a 12" sub, and it’s never come even close to overheating or cutting out. It’s stupid loud, which is what my teenagers wanted. Fairly easy to install and telephone tech support was quick and helpful in matching up all the channels with the right speaker wires once everything was wired. Would buy this brand again."


This Memphis Audio VIV900.5 Six Five Series 5-Channel car Amplifier is a premium, high performance amplifier for the ultimate sound experience. It features variable low pass crossover, subsonic filter, adjustable bass equalization, and remote level control.

There are 3 x 50 Watts RMS power output with digital switching technology for super-efficiency. It comes with heavy duty aluminum alloy heat sink for maximum heat dissipation and high temperature resistance.

Other features include adjustable Phase control, 2 Ohm Stable Stereo, and 4 Ohm Monostable power. This full range amplifier is ideal for powering your entire system at once or adding more on each channel to create a versatile system.

Single-sided wire terminals provide a solid connection to 12 or 10 gauge speaker wire. Its black powder coat finish matches any car interior and is heavy-duty for maximum power output. The clean-install procedure is simple, and changing the amp has never been easier.

The optional DSP board allows for a 24dB and 48dB crossover slope, which offers the option to have a true low pass and high pass or band pass adjustable.

The variable Electronic Low Pass Filter has frequencies from 45Hz – 300Hz, with a 24dB per octave slope. Another great feature is Variable Bass Boost – selectable from 0 to 18dB of boost at 45Hz and 100Hz.

The new DSP board gives the user the option of adding high and low pass crossovers or bypassing them completely for a simple increase in a bass boost. This means you don’t have to lose any of your amp’s power for high and low passes as they are built into the DSP board.

The 5-Channel car Amplifier provides high performance amplifier for the ultimate sound experience. The available features include 120 watts RMS.

This 5-Channel car Amplifier has 7 colors selectable color changing LED panel which can bring you different visual enjoyment and good mood for your driving in the night.

The new finish is available on the Memphis’s 5-Channel car Amplifier and gives a striking look to your new amp. The angel hair anodized finish is very different from the previous polished aluminum finish. The new finish is available on all of their models such as VIV900.1 Monoblock Class A/B, VIV800.5 5-Channel Amplifier, and also on Six-Five Series 5-Channel car Amplifier, etc.

The anodized angel hair grain gives a unique look to the amp and also has a good quality in resisting heat. The unique look of the unit gives an expensive look to your car’s audio system.


  • Lot of power and comes with extra features
  • LED lights add glamour to it
  • It is made of aluminum alloy material


  • No Bluetooth connectivity and lacks of USB support

Sample Customer Review:

“Unbelievable power and clean installation with all the inputs on one side.”


When it comes to kicker 5 channel amps, the Kicker 46CXA645 is a very good choice for those who want to add some extra power and clarity to their music system without spending too much money on it. This model has been manufactured by Kicker.

Which is one of the top companies when it comes to manufacturing high quality audio equipment such as this amplifier. There are plenty of reasons for Kicker to have so much success in the market.

The amp includes a lot of extra features that are not included with other similar models, which makes it special compared to other amplifiers available on the market today. The price is also affordable considering all its benefits and specifications. There are thousands of people out there who have already used this amp, and only a few of them have had issues with it.

This is a one ohm stable amplifier which means that it can be connected to any speaker or subwoofer without issues, as long as you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. You will notice that this amp is very strong and powerful whether you use a set of speakers with an impedance of four ohms or eight ohms.

Even if your speakers have an impedance of two ohms, this amplifier is going to work fine as long as the RMS power does not go over 60 watts per channel.

The amplifier contains a class A/B full-range channel that is going to provide you with very good sound quality. You will enjoy listening to your favorite songs and watching movies because this amp provides you with up to 55 watts RMS per channel at two ohms.

This specific model has been made by Kicker Company and it is a CX series amplifier. The main difference between this one and others that have been manufactured before or after the introduction of this line lies.

In the fact that its power supply was improved to deliver more consistent sound quality regardless of how many channels are being used at once. Other than that, it has all the features of other models and there are no major differences.

When it comes to Kicker 46CXA645 Car Audio Amp, you may notice that not only the main channels are excellent when it comes to sound quality and power. This specific model also includes a dedicated class D bass channel for powering just one of your subwoofers if necessary.

Even though this amp is going to work fine with just one channel connected to it, you may be interested in reaching the maximum power output of 500 watts. If this is your case, you can connect two subwoofers simultaneously and enjoy excellent sound quality for an affordable price.

It has a very compact design which makes it easy to fit under most car seats as well as in the trunk of your car. It is very easy to install and use, which is why it has thousands of satisfied customers all over the world today.

The three-second turn-on/off delay is a very useful feature for an amplifier of this type. This means that once you connect your car radio to the Kicker 46CXA645 Car Audio Amp, it will take about three seconds before the sound starts coming out from your speakers.

If there are no other things connected to the amp, it will take about three seconds for the sound to stop as well. This can be very convenient because you do not have to worry that your speakers are going to remain on all the time if no music is playing or any other device is connected.


  • High quality sound and sturdiness
  • Compact design that is easy to fit
  • Made in Thailand
  • RCA inputs for the front, rear, and sub


  • Expensive (but not according to the features)

Sample Customer Review:

“Works and sounds great powers the whole system alone.”


This Soundstream RN series amplifier is an optimum Class D performance amp that can push up to 2000 watts at two ohms. It has switching technology and it’s able to produce the same quality sound while using less power than older amps. The design of this product is compact so you’ll be able to install it in any vehicle without worrying about where there will be space.

This is a good option for car audio with dynamic performance for someone who wants to get the most out of their existing speakers and not have to spend money on new ones.

It will also save power so you’ll be able to reduce your car’s electrical load while still having great sound quality in your vehicle. This product does require professional installation due to its large size and high power requirements.

This heatsink is designed for the Soundstream RN5.2000D Rubicon amp and will allow you to install this product in any car without having to worry about how much room there will be within the trunk compartment. It’s easy to use with its plug-in design, but it is not universal so you may need to do some slight modifications depending on your vehicle.

This is a heatsink that has hybrid aluminum alloy material which allows for optimal cooling of the amp while it’s in use. It also gives off great looks to your vehicle and will be able to match its design easily due to the fact that it is black with silver veins running throughout.

This product does require professional installation, but you can mount it on the side or back of your vehicle to give it that great look.

This is one of the full Range car stereo amplifiers that offer a MOSFET Power Supply with Audiophile Grade IRTM Transistors.

Soundstream RN5.2000D Rubicon amp allows you to use double the power on this amplifier. It has bridging capabilities that allow two channels to be linked together, which will create one large channel if needed.

This feature’s strength lies in its ability to push more power without creating any impedance issues or damaging your equipment.

This feature is perfect for anyone who already has the Soundstream RN5.2000D Rubicon amp and wants to be able to utilize it fully without having any issues with power distortion.

This product allows you to use all 4 channels together or two at a time, so if your speakers cannot handle full power then this will allow you to cut back on the overall output.


  • Low noise floor when the gain is set properly.
  • Cheap price according to features
  • Sleek design that’s great for cars with limited space
  • Hybrid Aluminum Alloy heatsink is very lightweight


  • This product is not universal so it may need some modifications depending on your vehicle

Sample Customer Review:

“I bought this amp last August and as others have said. The 5th(subwoofer)channel stop working. I called soundstream to only get the run around.”


NVX VAD11005 1100W Full Range Class D car amplifier is a high-quality, highly powerful, and efficient class D amp. The device has great features such as LED indicator lighting, three way protection circuitry, and more. It can deliver up to 80 watts per channel at four ohm impedance or 125 watts per channel at two ohm impedance and up to 125 watts at four ohms in bridged mode.

The device can be used for powering a subwoofer system or an entire car audio system with the help of its variable bass boost feature which allows easy adjustment from 0-18 dB @ 45 Hz. It has platinum-plated RCA level inputs and screw terminals.

The amplifier has been marine certified to ensure its full functionality in almost all weather conditions. It also includes a bass remote for added convenience and the device is backed by NVX warranty.

The Full Range Class D car audio amplifier has platinum-plated inputs and terminals for maximum conductivity. The device uses high grade metal alloy heat sinks that ensure only the best performance without overheating or draining power.

This car amplifier is CEA compliant which means it meets the standards of CEA or Consumer Electronics Association. It ensures that amplifiers are compatible with all speakers and produce optimal sound quality for its power output.

The Car Audio Amp is a water-resistant and dustproof amp. It comes with an IP67 waterproof rating which means it can be submerged in up to three feet of water for about thirty minutes without damage or any negative impact on its functionality.

The device has been tested by submerging the unit in hot and cold water and has been found to be fully functional after the test.

This is a compact and efficient class D car amplifier. It has great features such as three way circuit protection, LED indicator lighting, and more which make it an ideal choice to power your car audio system with ease.

This amplifier has three ways to protect it. It has protection against overheating, overloads, and short-circuits in the speaker. This helps the amplifier stay in good shape so you can use it for a long time.


  • Efficient power and power consumption…won’t bleed your battery down
  • It does run very warm if left on all the time
  • Beast of power


  • Heating issue with improper operating knowledge

Sample Customer Review:

“This amp is a little footprint powerhouse. I have it paired with the Nvx 10 farad Capacitor pushing two NVX Vcw124’s and let me tell you. This thing will shake other people’s vehicles at stop lights without question, and destroy your own vehicle. If you like blurry vision and the cleanest sounding bass for less than a fortune, this amp is definitely the way to go. Couldn’t be happier.”


The PN5.640D is a 5-channel, 4-ohm stable, 60W x 4 channels RMS (4 ohms per channel), 80W x 4 channels RMS (2 ohms per channel) and 160W x 2 bridged RMS amplifier that features SMD technology on double sided PCB as well as full MOSFET power supply. The PN5.640D is designed to provide the ultimate sound quality and reliability for your car audio system.

The amp has a variable low pass filter with a continuously variable cutoff frequency adjustment from 50Hz to 220Hz. The variable high pass filter can be adjusted from 50Hz to 5 KHz with the option of bypassing the HPF.

The bass boost circuit provides up to 18dB of bass boost at 45Hz. The high-level input allows you to connect your OEM unit (or any unit that doesn’t have the typical RCA outputs) without having to buy additional adapters.

The PN5.640D also incorporates a feature called “BASS BOOST” for amplifying low frequencies, which adds amazing punch in music or movies. Connect this amplifier to your factory radio or aftermarket head unit and hear what you’ve been missing! This amplifier is one of our best-selling models due to its great features and reliability.


  • With its small size, this speaker delivers a big sound
  • If you know what you’re doing, downloading and installing is simple
  • The amp provides clean and clear sound
  • It goes under the rear passenger seat compartment without any modifications.
  • The amplifier does not get too hot


  • Low level connector harnesses. Other than that I think it’s perfect

Sample Customer Review:

“First off, let me state that I’m NOT a professional . I’m just a DYI who loves saving money. I drive a 2012 Nissan Titan. I previously had an audio pipe 1600 amp, powering one DD 6- 1/2 sub. My door speakers were connected to my Kenwood 7704s Head Unit. After busting 2 DD subwoofers ( the sub was recommended TWICE by a local shop), I dedided to do my own research on sound systems.

I wanted to power my whole system with one amp. I listen to majority of Rap/Hip-Hop, RnB, and lots of Jazz. Enough about my setup , let’s talk about the amp. It’s extremly compact , which is great for a space saving, it also gives you plenty of features to control your channels . It took me a couple of times to actually figure out all of the wiring (the instructions were decent for a novice) but after I got it up and running I LOVED the sound.

This 640 watt amp powers my 800 watt audiobahn and 4 JBL gto speakers perfect! It’s just enough power for me to have that “clean” system . I drive a 2012 Nissan Titan SV. My factory systems was subpar from factory, however now I feel like I have PREMIUM sound . I love the amp for the price. I originally planned on buying a pioneer 9605, but they were out of stock on amazon. I saved money with this amp and I’m absolutely loving it!”


This car amplifier features a built-in MOSFET power supply, high quality internal components and circuitry, an aluminum heat sink for cool operation, low impedance speaker connections, and RCA preamp outputs to connect directly to the head unit.

A bass boost control is included which allows you to adjust the amount of bass in your music. This amp has both Low Level inputs (RCA) and High Level inputs (Speaker). The Class D design makes this amplifier very efficient and allows it to run cool. This amplifier is manufactured to the highest standards and has a black aluminum chassis.

Power Output: The KS-DR3005D puts out up to 1000 Watts of power at 4 Ohms and 750 Watts RMS x 1 Channel at 2 Ohms.

Class D Design: Class D amps offer high efficiency, cool running, and compact size. Operating on a switching power supply, these efficient amps produce less heat than conventional designs which helps keep things cool inside your vehicle during those long summer days.

A built-in microprocessor provides information to the amp by monitoring the incoming voltage from the car battery using BEAST (Bass Enhanced Audio Signal Technology). It also ensures you get consistent power output whether you’re driving the car at 55mph or sitting idle in traffic.

5 Channel Design: This amp can be used to power up to five speakers which are typically mounted in the front doors, rear doors, and rear deck. These channels are referred to as the Front Channels (FR), Rear Channels (RR), and Subwoofer Channel.

The FR is allocated 100 Watts RMS per channel into 4 Ohms, while the RR is allocated 50 Watts RMS per channel into 4 Ohms. The subwoofer channel has its own dedicated 300 Watts RMS output with a variable 12dB bass boost control which can be adjusted from 0-18 dBs (off).


  • Everything sounds clean and clear
  • The amp stays cool even when under heavy load
  • Well worth the money
  • Professionally installation makes the excellent audio quality


  • For presenting a great sound, so it gets power

Sample Customer Review:

“I replaced the factory amp in my Lincoln Town Car with this amp. I used the OEM 4 speakers and subwoofer and I cannot believe how much power I get out of this amp! Well worth the money. Used the pre-amp connectors on the head unit to the amp and by-passed the OEM amp and wiring. Well worth the price and an excellent purchase. I have used JVC equipment for years and though they have declined in what they offer, this item is worth the purchase.”


Rockford Fosgate’s R2-750X5 is a 5 channel amplifier that has the power to handle any system. The variable onboard punch EQ allows you to control your bass by adjusting the low frequency amplification of each channel. This amp also features C.L.E.A.N technology, which stands for “Cleansing Lightweight Excursion Amplifier”.

This means that it has an extruded aluminum heatsink with cast aluminum end caps for maximum heat dissipation and strength while keeping the weight at only 9 lbs so it can be mounted almost anywhere.

The amplifier uses a Vertical Heat Sink which leads to a shorter distance between the frame and transistors. This helps the R2-750X5 maintain under hood temperatures along with keeping it as lightweight as possible. There is also an External Thermal Protection circuit that will open and shut off each channel as necessary to prevent the internal transistors from overheating.

For those who want a more customizable bass tone, the Punch EQ can be activated with an on-board switch that will allow you to adjust low frequencies on each channel ranging from +18dB to –18dB on channels 3 and 4 or up to +12dB of boost on channel

Lastly, this amp has a variable low-pass filter with a crossover slope rate control to cover any vehicle even those running subwoofers in the rear hatch area. The R2-750X5 is ready to be your next amplifier regardless of the system’s previous setup or what you have planned for it in the future.


  • The amplifier’s Clarity sensor is integrated into the amp, which illuminates when the speakers reach distortion
  • The size is quite small, yet it’s extremely effective
  • Compatible for both vehicles and boats


  • Install is a little time consuming but shocked by the results

Sample Customer Review:

“I’ve always loved Rockford Fosgate amps, and this one is a flexible, high quality continuation of their lines. I didn’t need anything crazy for this car, so I just went with Fosgate speakers in the door and the 10” on the rear deck. This amp keeps them all clean and plenty powerful enough for a 5-channel amp."


A 5 channel amp is an amplifier with two sets of stereo outputs, so you can run up to 5 speakers or devices from it. A 4 channel amp only has one set of stereo output and will only power four speakers at a time. If your car came equipped with factory installed sound system that used more than 4 channels then you would need to upgrade to a 5 channel amp.

For example, if you have component speakers in your front doors and coaxial speakers in the rear deck then you need at least an amplifier with 4 channels of output because that’s how many speaker cabinet locations there are. If you only have two-way or three-way factory installed systems then it is likely that you only need a four channel amp.


In the past, amps like this were often big and heavy, but now they’re more compact and efficient. Even amps with 5 channels are powerful but smaller. Over the years, car amp technology has evolved, and recently it has improved even more. This is great news for those looking to buy one!

Nowadays, you can get more watts for less money, and you can buy high-quality amps for much less than they used to cost (over $300). Thanks to class D innovation, the 5th channel in the recommended models can provide more power than ever before. This is great news for people who want to hear bass that’s really strong.


It’s not a good idea to look for the cheapest amps. Instead, you should look for a good balance between quality, price, and performance. In the past, class D car amps were not very good and the sound quality was worse than other types of amps. However, now, brand name models have improved a lot and the sound quality has greatly improved.


When choosing a 5 Channel car amplifier it is essential to consider these things.


For a basic system, you’ll only require a three-channel amplifier. This will be enough to power your front and rear speakers as well as the subwoofer if you have one. If on the other hand, you want individual control over each of those channels or plan on adding extra ones for more speakers later, go with at least a 5-channel amplifier.

If you have more than four speakers in your car, it’s best to use at least an eight-channel amp so that each speaker gets their own dedicated channel.


The maximum wattage of the amplifier is not necessarily indicative of how powerful or clear that amp can make your vehicle’s audio sound quality. While car amps with higher wattage can drive speakers to produce more volume, they may not be able to provide the same clarity that a lower powered amp would.


Driving music such as EDM (Electronic Dance Music) can require massive amounts of power in certain systems which isn’t an issue for some modern amplifiers. You should also take into consideration if you prefer punchy or warm sound over neutral/accurate reproduction, etc.

Some amps may lean more toward a specific type of configuration while others may provide a good mix of features at a reasonable price point. It is important to note that some settings will negatively impact other aspects so it’s best to have a clear idea of what you’re looking for before shopping models with different features for comparison purposes.


The space availability of your car is a critical factor to consider before buying an amplifier. Amps are usually wide and tall, so it needs enough open spaces around them for air circulation in order to stay cool. You should also pay attention to the location where you plan on mounting it as this might interfere with other car components, such as seat belts and airbags.


A variable low pass filter is a crucial consideration before buying an amplifier with 5 channels. The frequency cut-off or crossover that separates high and low frequencies in your music/sound system is controlled by the built-in adjustable low pass filter of the amp.

This means that you can adjust it to fit your preferences, which might be different from what other people have been using. For example, if you listen to a lot of low-pitched music then you might want more bass in the sound system and less treble or midrange frequencies. In this case, it would be best to use a low pass filter with an adjustable cut off frequency set at around 150 Hz for better results.


This refers to the resistance of an electrical circuit. The impedance of your amplifiers must be compatible with the impedance rating used by your speakers (more on this later). Impedance can come in 4, 6 or 8-ohm ratings.

An amplifier’s output may range from 2 to 8-ohms per channel depending on its output power and capability if multiple channels are in use at once. Generally, most amplifiers would have a minimum 4-ohm rating per channel or be capable of powering between 2 to 4 speakers simultaneously without any issues.


Peak power is often confused with RMS power but they aren’t quite the same thing as we will find out now. The peak power specification shows how much wattage an amplifier can produce at its absolute maximum. It is important to note that this only occurs for a fraction of a second and should not be relied upon for continuous output.

With that being said, it can still provide you with an idea of how powerful the model will be in relation to your needs if you are after power above RMS levels.


What is the purpose of buying a 5 channel car amplifier? Is it just to improve existing sound quality or do you need serious amounts of power? These questions can help narrow down your choices when shopping.

Some models may appear impressive but will not work well with every system such as those requiring massive amounts of power for large installations like car audio systems at large-capacity venues such as stadiums.

The rule of thumb when purchasing one would be to check the RMS power and impedance ratings of your system and then do a little research on the models that fit within these criteria.


This point may come as little surprise to some but it is one that cannot be ignored in the name of value for money. Some models will offer anything up to 900W per channel along with various bells and whistles while others may be more basic in nature.

Which can reduce power output significantly however make up for it when it comes to price. It all depends on your needs at the end of the day when shopping for an amplifier so know what’s important to you before making a final decision.


This is an important consideration for anyone looking to install a car amplifier themselves. While it can be done on your own, there are many components involved including the amp itself (which usually includes mounting hardware), power wiring between battery and amp, speaker wire running from amps to speakers inside the vehicle cabin, fuses or circuit breakers for each channel, and installation guides, especially for your car model.


The design of most amplifiers played a big part in how well they manage heat dissipation so keep this in mind if efficiency is important to you. Generally speaking, amplifiers will have heatsinks that catch surplus heat and channel it away from the components.

Without a good method of heat dissipation, power output will be greatly reduced over time which can lead to damage being caused to internal components so always check this before purchasing one.


Check what type of power supply the model uses before buying as some may require more than others. You should look out for models using direct current (DC) supplies rather than alternating current (AC) ones since these are known to be more efficient.

When it comes to transferring electricity through them so generally speaking they are the most ideal choice in terms of cost vs performance for car amplifiers. Some cheaper models may use AC instead which can potentially pose issues with sound quality due to interference noise being introduced into the system so bear this in mind when shopping around.


Being able to bridge an amplifier will give you the option of either doubling the power output for two speakers or powering one set of speakers on each channel for a more balanced sound which can be beneficial depending on your music preferences.

Models that allow you to switch between stereo and mono modes are more versatile than others so if you’re looking to save some money then these would be worth considering first.


Some amplifiers may require specific types of inputs such as RCA whereas others come with basic 3-pin speaker plugs instead. You should also consider what kind of connectors they use before buying since it’s possible for specialized models to need adapters in order for them to work with your existing speakers.

Make sure you know what you’re getting beforehand so that there are no nasty surprises after receiving a model and it later turns out it needs a specific type of input in order to function properly.


The frequency response, also called amplitude response or spectral response, is the range of frequencies that are reproduced by an electronic device. The human ear can typically hear sounds between about 20 Hz and 20 kHz (the audio bandwidth), while a dog can hear up to approximately 40 kHz.


RMS (Root mean square), measured in Watts, is the continuous power produced by an amplifier. Most 5-channel amps produce between 600-1000 watts RMS, but some models can produce more. More RMS output means more power, and a higher RMS usually means better sound quality.


Here are some extra desirable features that the best 5-channel car amplifier may have:

1. Bluetooth connectivity or support for an app: the best thing about it is that you will not need to stop the music for changing tracks, adjusting volume, etc. It just needs your android or iOS device and Bluetooth connectivity and then it can be easily controlled with your android or iOS device.

2. Thermal, voltage, and short protection: Some of the amps come with thermal protection which keeps an eye on the temperature so that during high voltage conditions amplifier does not get damaged due to overheating.

Also, some of them come with voltage protection which protects amp from getting damaged due to higher than normal voltages(like when speaker wire gets shorted) while playing music at high volume.

Short circuit protection installed in the amp makes sure that there is no damage because if speaker gets shorted while playing music at high volume it may damage amp.

3. Adjustable equalizer: If you are an audiophile, then this feature will be very useful to you if your car is old and the sound system in your car is not good enough then by adjusting the equalizers of that particular amp you can get better quality sound without the need of buying new speakers because sometimes, other than the head unit there are no other issues related to music system in your car.

4. Subwoofer remote control: plenty of amps come with subwoofer remote controls which makes life easier when u want to adjust bass level while seating inside the vehicle or by reaching behind the seat. It also makes sure that wire routing should be done properly so that no wire should cross the path of the subwoofer to avoid any damage.

5. Amps that are easy to install: The amplifier must be installed in such a way that it will stay cool, which means not blocking any ventilation grilles or fan intakes and allowing for sufficient airflow around it. It is also advisable to install an external fuse on the power wire provided by the manufacturer, which will protect your car’s electrical system in case of a short circuit.

6. Aluminum covers, voltage protection: Some amps come with an aluminum cover which not only gives good look but also makes sure that the amp stays cool even after playing your favorite music at high volume.

Voltage protection keeps an eye on voltage coming from the battery so that if there is any potential issue it should shut down to protect itself and also other electrical components (like alternator) of your car to keep them safe.

7. Remote bass boost: Some amps come with a remote bass boost to control bass level from inside the vehicle because if there is any issue with the audio system you will not need to stop your car just for controlling bass levels which can be helpful in situations like rush hour traffic.

All this is done wirelessly without changing your current settings, by pressing one button on the remote subwoofer gain changes automatically so that you don’t have to adjust it every time you get into or out of your car.

8. Signal To Noise Ratio – S/N: It is a value that tells how much background noise amp creates – low values mean less amount of background noise but it also means that sq decreases whereas values mean a high amount of background noise but with the increase in sq. So it is the best idea to go for low values.

9. Channel configuration: most of the amps come in 2 channels or 4 channel configurations which tell how many speakers can be connected simultaneously to that amplifier. If you have a single subwoofer then you need a 2 channel amp, if you have dual subs or two pairs of speakers, then you need a 4 channel amp.

10. Fuses: Some amps come with fuses installed but some do not which means more chances of getting damaged when higher voltage issues are there, so always check whether your amp is having fuses installed inside or not because it’s better safe than sorry later on.

Always try checking customer reviews before an amp because without knowing what other people are saying about it, it’s pretty useless.

12. Input sensitivity: A higher sensitivity means better sound quality because it requires less amplification. Sensitivity can range from 20 to 200mV for RCA inputs and from 5 to 10 volts for speaker level inputs.

13. Speaker Sensitivity: Speaker sensitivity is a measure of how efficient a speaker is at converting an electrical signal into sound. A higher number means the amplifier will need to supply less power, resulting in better sound quality.

14. Number of Voice Coils: Many speakers have multiple voice coils in parallel for lower impedance, which is great when you’re wiring a system for 2-ohm or 4-ohm impedance to get more power from the amp. Fewer voice coils means there’s less to go wrong and it can be wired at lower impedance for more power.

14. VCD: The voice coil diameter determines the sensitivity of your speakers, which can be especially important if you plan to use them with an amplifier that doesn’t have a built-in crossover. A larger VcD means more sound will be directed toward the listener. VcDs range from 1" to 3".

15. Auto on/off feature: This turns the amplifier on and off with your car’s ignition, so you don’t have to remember to turn it off when you leave the car.

16. Fan cooling system: A fan doesn’t just help keep a car amp cool, but also helps prolong its life by dissipating heat. Many car amps include fans, but some are designed to let you add an aftermarket fan.

17. Size of RCA cables: RCA is one of the most common input types on equipment that doesn’t have built-in crossovers. However, the length and gauge of the cable can affect sound quality by adding distortion.

18. RCA cable quality: The sound quality of the signal going in is just as important as what comes out. Cheap RCA cables will pick up interference from cell phones and other electronic devices, while more expensive ones have better insulation to reduce noise.


Class A: Class-A amplifiers are so named because the signal output is “biased” towards class-A, as opposed to other classes which achieve power efficiency by biasing the output for more efficient transfer of power.

Class A amps operate in a way such that both halves of the waveform(positive and negative) at any given time use the same amount of total power, and do not draw current from one half or another. If this were to happen, then it would be referred to as class AB

Class B: Class B amplifiers work somewhat differently than other amplifier classes. They still require their input to alternate between positive and negative (AC), but they only amplify one section of each signal (half of each cycle), then flip to the other half. This has the effect of doubling efficiency but requiring two devices, as opposed to a single device in AB/Class A & Class D

Class A/B: Class-A / B amplifiers are a type of amplifier where class-A operation emits a majority of power at low levels, and class-B operation emits a large amount of current at high levels.

In these cases, both modes work simultaneously for maximum power transfer. As the demand on an audio system increases, it begins to operate more in class B mode until clipping occurs and distortion is introduced into the signal.

Due to the properties of sound waves that can be represented mathematically using sine trigonometric functions (which have a period of 360 degrees), there is a distinct advantage to using Class A/B amps — they can reproduce the entire waveform at all power levels without the distortions associated with clipping.

Class D: Class-D amplifiers work by switching devices on and off rapidly, producing an effective square wave output. This often causes people to think that class-D amps are “digital” because it seems like they’re just creating zeros and ones(on and off) — but this isn’t true.

The concept behind class D has existed for nearly 100 years, but modern advances in technology have allowed companies such as Hypex to perfect its use in audio applications.

These advancements include ultra-high frequency switching devices of speeds up to 90kHz and the ability to completely remove a device from a circuit when not in use.


There are three main reasons that people choose to buy a car amplifier:


If you already have some speakers and an equalizer, but want more power for them, all you’ll need is an amp. This way you won’t even need new speakers as long as they aren’t too old or inefficient.


If you want to completely replace your car’s audio system with brand new equipment, an amp is a crucial part of that and should be purchased at the same time.


Some people only have one or two ways in which they can play their music such as through CDs, AM/FM radio and maybe an auxiliary port. If you want to add other sources such as an MP player or Bluetooth-enabled device, then an amplifier will allow you to do so and boost the sound quality at the same time.


Here are some tips for installing a 5 channel car amplifier:


Before you begin installing the amplifier, it’s important to understand the voltage and wiring system of your car. You need to know where the positive and negative wires are, and which wires are carrying low-level signals.

If you’re unsure about any aspect of your car’s electrical system, refer to the owner’s manual or consult a professional installer.


You need to select a wiring kit that is appropriate for your amplifier’s power output, and the size and type of your car. The wiring kit should be rated to handle the current draw of the amplifier and have sufficient gauge wire for the distance of the run. It should also include all the necessary cables, fuses, and connectors.


Choose a location to mount the amplifier that is secure and away from any heat sources or moisture. A good location is usually in the trunk, under a seat or in the center console. Make sure to use the proper mounting screws and attach the amplifier to a solid surface that will not rattle or vibrate.


Once the amplifier is installed, you need to adjust the settings to optimize the sound quality. This includes setting the gain, crossover frequency, and other controls according to your preferences. You can use a test tone generator and an oscilloscope or digital multimeter to set the gain properly.


Before you finish the installation, test the amplifier to ensure that everything is working correctly. Play music at different volume levels and check for any distortion or noise. Make any necessary adjustments to the settings until you are satisfied with the sound quality.

By following these tips, you can ensure a successful installation of your 5 channel car amplifier and enjoy great sound quality in your car. If you are not confident in doing the installation yourself, it is recommended to seek the help of a professional installer.


It is best to select an amplifier that provides enough power for your speakers. For example, you may use two speakers with the same impedance value of 8 ohms, but each speaker will have different efficiency ratings. The less efficient speaker will need more power than the other.

If you connect both speakers to the same amplifier simultaneously, it might cause one speaker to be driven harder than the other.

When you connect two speakers with different impedance ratings, your amplifier will see a 4-ohm load in one channel and an 8-ohm load in the other. In this case, it is best to use a 5-channel amp so you can split the total power equally between the speakers. If you are using two speakers with different impedance values, each speaker will receive 1/2 the total power of your amplifier.

If you are driving 4 speakers with the same impedance value, the optimal configuration is to connect all four speakers in parallel at the amplifier inputs. This will present an 8-ohm load to the amp on each channel.

When you connect speakers in parallel, the total impedance will be a little higher than it would be if all speakers had identical ratings. For example, if all four speakers have an 8-ohm rating, they will each see an effective 4-ohm load when connected in parallel.

If they are connected to a 5-channel amplifier with 14.4-volt output rails, the total power available will be 35 watts. This is a safe choice for most 4-ohm speakers because of the large margin of safety provided by two amplifiers with 14.4 volts of power each.


Here are some more maintenance tips for your 5 channel car amplifier:


Dirt and dust can accumulate on the amplifier and its components, which can affect its performance. Regularly clean the amplifier with a soft cloth to remove any debris. You can also use compressed air to blow out any dust that may have settled on the amplifier’s internal components.


Vibrations from driving can cause wires and connections to come loose. Regularly check the amplifier’s connections to make sure they are tight and secure. Loose connections can cause distortion or noise in the audio output.


Overheating can cause damage to the amplifier’s components, so it’s important to avoid exposing it to high temperatures. Make sure the amplifier is mounted in a location where it can dissipate heat effectively, and avoid placing it near heat sources like the engine or exhaust. You can also use a cooling fan to help regulate the temperature.


Like any electronic device, the amplifier needs to be used regularly to prevent corrosion and other problems. If you don’t use your car for extended periods, it’s a good idea to turn on the amplifier and play some music every few weeks to keep it functioning properly.

By following these maintenance tips, you can ensure that your 5 channel car amplifier stays in good working condition and provides great sound quality for a long time. If you notice any issues with the amplifier, such as distortion or noise, it’s important to address them promptly to prevent further damage.



Answer: You may connect up to four speakers and one subwoofer to a 5 channel amplifier.


Answer: There are two types of RCA cables: with each type, you can either have a single wire (mono) or three (triple). A 5-channel amplifier will require at least 2-3 with a triple.


Not at all! These types of amps are designed with simplicity in mind, so anyone should be able to install them with ease – even if it’s their first-time car audio work!


A bridgeable amplifier allows you to increase power output of a 2 channel amp by combining the front and rear speaker channels into one channel, then bridging that channel into another channel. This increases the total power being delivered to an equivalent amount.


A bridgeable amplifier allows you to increase the power output of a two channel amplifier. The front and rear speaker channels of a car audio amplifier are typically bridged together to allow for more power output when running speakers that require more power than an un-bridged amp can deliver.

This is commonly seen in subwoofer amps for powering four 8-ohm subwoofers, or 2-ohm subwoofers.


A 5-channel amplifier is typically configured by connecting all of the + and – speaker wires from a two or more zone source (i.e. A surround sound receiver in Zone 2) to both channels of the 5-channel amp, then connecting another set of + and – speaker wire from that same source to a second 5-channel amp, and attaching the speaker wire from that amp to a set of speakers in Zone 3.


A bridgeable amplifier allows you to increase the power output of a two channel amplifier. The front and rear speaker channels of a car audio amplifier are typically bridged together to allow for more power output when running speakers that require more power than an un-bridged amp can deliver.

This is commonly seen in subwoofer amps for powering four 8-ohm subwoofers, or 2-ohm subwoofers.


A 5-channel amplifier is typically tuned (setup and adjusted) like a two channel amp. Typically it’s connected to a source, and then the gain and crossover controls are set per the manufacturer instructions for that specific model of amp.


Yes, installing a 5-channel amplifier is an excellent way of powering and running multiple speakers and amplifiers in the rear of your vehicle. This configuration is commonly used for rear fill speakers on systems with more than one set of front components.


A 5-channel amp typically provides more power and flexibility than a 2, 3, or 4 channel amps by allowing for multiple source inputs and outputs. This amplifier can often be installed in the following locations:

  1. On the back of a head unit (in cases where there is no other option)
  2. In an amp rack in the trunk or rear seat area
  3. Behind the rear seat
  4. In a custom-fabricated installation in any available space in your vehicle. This amp makes an excellent option for powering 5 pairs of speakers in the car, even when you have less than 4 speakers powered by it.


A few quality brands to consider for 5-channel amps are:

  • Alpine,
  • JL Audio, Boss,
  • Kicker,
  • Kenwood,
  • Pioneer,
  • Rockford Fosgate,
  • Polk Audio,
  • Planet Audio etc.


A 5-channel amp is typically better than a 4 channel because it has the ability to power two sets of speakers independently. A 4 channel can only power one set of speakers at a time, and any additional speaker wiring must be used as an output.


A 5-channel amp offers more power and flexibility than a 2, 3, or 4 channel amplifier by allowing for multiple source inputs and outputs. This amplifier is commonly used in vehicles with less than four speakers powered by it. It can also be used to power up to five pairs of speakers in the car when there are more than four speakers in the system.


A common power range for a high-quality 5-channel amplifier is in the range of 300 to 500 watts RMS, per each pair of channels driven at 4 ohms. At 2 ohms, this may increase to around 600-700 watts RMS.


In conclusion, a 5 channel car amplifier can significantly enhance the audio quality in your car. By amplifying the signal from your car’s stereo, you can enjoy clearer, more powerful sound that is free from distortion and noise.

When shopping for a 5 channel car amplifier, it’s important to consider factors such as power output, channel configuration, and compatibility with your car’s electrical system.

When selecting a 5 channel car amplifier, it’s important to choose one that is appropriate for your car’s electrical system and power requirements. You should also consider the size and shape of the amplifier, and whether it can be easily mounted in your car.

Overall, purchasing the right 5 channel car amplifier for your car can be a worthwhile investment that can greatly improve your driving experience. With the right amplifier and proper installation and maintenance, you can enjoy high-quality audio on every drive.

We hope you will be well aware about best 5 channel car amplifiers, after reading this comprehensive guide. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!