Understanding the Cruise Control Symbol on Your Car Dashboard. Decoding Standard Symbols

Decode the cruise control symbol on your car dashboard and understand its standard meaning.
Understanding the Cruise Control Symbol on Your Car Dashboard. Decoding Standard Symbols

As a driver, understanding the symbols on your car dashboard is essential for vehicle safety and functionality. The cruise control symbol is one such symbol that may be confusing or unfamiliar to some drivers. In this blog post, we will discuss what the cruise control symbol means and how to use it.

What is Cruise Control?

Cruise control is a feature in cars that allows you to maintain a constant speed without the need to continuously press on the accelerator pedal. By using cruise control, you can give your foot a break during long drives or on stretches of highway where you don’t need to vary your speed.

What Does the Cruise Control Symbol Look Like?

The cruise control symbol can vary depending on your car make and model, but it typically looks like a speedometer with an arrow or a car with a speedometer inside of it. Sometimes, the symbol may also have the word “Cruise” written below or beside it.

How to Use Cruise Control

To use cruise control, follow these steps:

  1. Accelerate to your desired speed.
  2. Locate the cruise control button on your steering wheel or dashboard. It’s usually labeled with the same symbol we discussed earlier.
  3. Press the cruise control button to turn it on. You should see the symbol light up on your dashboard.
  4. Once you’re traveling at your desired speed, press the “set” or “resume” button on your steering wheel or dashboard. This will activate the cruise control and maintain your current speed.
  5. To turn off cruise control, simply press the “off” button or tap the brake pedal.

Important Safety Considerations

While cruise control can be a helpful feature on long drives, it’s important to remain alert and aware of your surroundings while using it. Do not use cruise control in heavy traffic or on winding roads. Additionally, always wear your seatbelt and keep a safe following distance from the car in front of you.


In conclusion, understanding the cruise control symbol on your car dashboard is important for any driver who wants to take advantage of this helpful feature. By following the steps we outlined above, you should be able to use cruise control safely and effectively on your next long drive.

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What does the cruise control symbol on my car dashboard represent?

The cruise control symbol on your car dashboard represents the availability and status of the cruise control feature. It is typically depicted as a speedometer icon with an arrow or a vehicle icon with speed lines. The symbol is designed to indicate that the cruise control system is active and ready to be engaged.

How does the cruise control feature work?

The cruise control feature allows you to set a desired speed for your vehicle to maintain without continuously pressing the accelerator pedal. Once activated, you can increase or decrease the set speed using the controls provided. The system automatically adjusts the throttle to keep your vehicle at the set speed, providing convenience and reducing driver fatigue on long drives.

What are the common methods to activate the cruise control feature?

The specific method to activate the cruise control feature can vary depending on the vehicle make and model. However, it commonly involves locating the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel or the dashboard. Typical controls include an “On/Off” button, “Set” or “Resume” button to set the desired speed, and buttons to increase or decrease the set speed.

Can I use the cruise control feature in all driving conditions?

No, the cruise control feature should not be used in all driving conditions. It is recommended to use cruise control only in appropriate situations, such as on long, straight highways with little traffic. Avoid using it in heavy traffic, city driving, or in inclement weather conditions, as these scenarios may require frequent speed adjustments or immediate braking.

What should I do if the cruise control symbol starts flashing on my dashboard?

If the cruise control symbol on your dashboard starts flashing, it indicates a potential issue with the cruise control system. The exact meaning of the flashing symbol can vary between different car models. To determine the specific problem, consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual or seek assistance from a qualified mechanic who can diagnose and resolve the issue.

Is it safe to rely solely on the cruise control feature while driving?

No, it is not safe to rely solely on the cruise control feature while driving. Cruise control is meant to assist drivers in maintaining a constant speed, but it does not replace the need for attentive and responsible driving. It’s important to remain aware of the road conditions, traffic, and any unexpected situations that may require immediate control of the vehicle. Always be prepared to override or disengage the cruise control feature when necessary.